Don Murphy's Board status: Uncertain.

Don Murphy's Board status: Uncertain.

Monday, July 25th, 2005 2:18pm CDT

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Don Murphy made a rather disheartning statement on his board today in regards to actions of Cinescape, who placed an article on a post made by Murphy and failing to grasp the comments as they were meant to be read.

Murphy comments on his board with the following:

"You will notice that Sunday's report has been removed.

This morning I awoke to this article...

This is shoddy internet journalism at its worst- these guys used to lead the attack on FatAss but now it seems have become just as bad...the article is WRONG on so many levels...

- I have nothing but respect for Lorenzo and have never said otherwise- we just see some aspects of the film differently.
-Michael has never said that he would leave the film- he has never even read the script yet.
- The less than stunning performance of THE ISLAND- which is one of the best films of the summer- worries ME because of how people in Hollywood tend to react- not because of anything tangible.

I have asked these "internet journalists" who ran this "story" based on no news and no journalism to remove the story in the next two hours.

I cannot have my every rap with you guys reported as a news story when it certainly is nothing of the kind..

If they refuse to, you can thank CINESCAPE magazine for the end of our bold experiment- I'll keep the boards to hear your thoughts but will cease to post"

Murphy has mailed Cinescape with the following mail which he place for all to view on his board:

Dear Sirs,

It is now 10:12 ,two hours since my initial emails and phone calls.

The article http://www.cinesxxxxxxx

is still on your site. It is an inaccurate and warped and twisted version of what I was trying to state to the fans yesterday. It was done by someone with ill intent either for me or my film.

Thanks to your article and your refusal to remove it I will no longer post on my message board. All Transformers fans will know it is thanks to the shoddy journalism at your magazine.

Cinescape will no longer be involved in any capacity in any of my projects, ever.

My final post to the fans includes a strong encouragement to NOT subscribe to CINESCAPE and do NOT buy the magazine ever- they do not care about accuracy and any retard can send a scoop and get it posted.

In addition I will advise ALL of my colleagues in the film business that your magazine and site lacks ethics and should be avoided at all cost.


Don Murphy

Their response:


I just sent an email out to the powers that be, reiterating my feelings about posting material from "unidentified sources," etc. particularly in lieu of what happened this morning. Hopefully it will limit this kind of news postings in the future.

None of this obviously makes what happened right, but I want you to know, if the website was still one of my day-to-day responsibilities, this would have never happened.

If there is anything I can do to make it up to you in the future, please let me know.

Anthony C. Ferrante

The future of the Don Murphy board as a reliable source of information regarding the status of the movie has now been shaken. We can only hope that this event has not dampend the relation between fans and Don Murphy through this means to much.


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