Dreamwave's Transformers G1 ONGOING #4 Preview

Dreamwave's Transformers G1 ONGOING #4 Preview

Saturday, April 24th, 2004 5:25pm CDT

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Transformers: Generation One # 4 (Ongoing): Written by Brad Mick, Art by Don Figueroa

Summary: "Uh, oh - it’s the big guy! After lying dormant the one and only OMEGA SUPREME returns to help save the day. But what dark secret has OMEGA been guarding for all these years and why did it propel him to leave CYBERTRON? But the real question is if he’s powerful enough to stop the zealot SUNSTORM? And to tie into DW’s MEGATRON MONTH, fans can look forward to a special bonus story featuring the artwork of fanfave James Raiz.

"Check out these new preview pages! This issue hits stores next week!"
G1Ongoing04_CVR.jpg, G1Ongoing04_p01.jpg, G1Ongoing04_p02.jpg, G1Ongoing04_p03.jpg, G1Ongoing04_p04.jpg, and G1Ongoing04_pBackup01.jpg.

Credit(s): Dreamwave

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