Energon Combiner Deluxe Figures Sighted At Target!

Transformers News: Energon Combiner Deluxe Figures Sighted At Target!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 1:46PM CST

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Glhboy of the TFW2005 boards is reporting that two of the Energon Combiner deluxe-sized figures have been found at a Target store in Indiana! So for those of you eagerly awaiting Storm Jet and Steamhammer, it's time to start hitting the stores. Just remember - currently these figures are packed 1 to a case, so grab them as soon as you see them!

Have you seen the new Deluxe Combiners at a store near you? Make sure you post your sightings of Storm Jet and Steamhammer in the Toy Sightings Section!!!
Credit(s): Glhboy, tfw2005 boards
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