Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac

Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 10:58am CST

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Over on Facebook, the Transformers Rescue Bots page has shared an interview that “Boulder” and “Heatwave” conducted with Nicole Dubac, one of the show’s writers.

Taking questions both from the two interviewers and also answering a few questions submitted by page fans, Nicole delves into many topics pertaining to Rescue Bots. Asked about how the show will continue to run along the same continuity as Prime, Nicole states that there are already a lot of Easter eggs in Rescue Bots that demonstrate the tie-ins. While she couldn’t share any spoilers, she did mention that Rescue Bots will continue to treat the show as existing within the Prime continuity, and that they will continue to homage and pay tribute to that series where possible. A long time Transformers fan who grew up watching and playing Transformers, Nicole appreciates the series and never wants to talk down to its audience. She says that all of the writers take their jobs very seriously, and always enjoy what they do. Asked if there will be more female characters, or if the moms will surface, Nicole can’t share any specifics, but says there will definitely be more female characters.

When asked about the quantity of non-essential character development, Nicole says that the writing staff greatly enjoys the character moments, like whole stories that come out of them. For example, Blades’ pirate fanatic moment, are intentional and fun moments for the writers. They are trying to get across that the Rescue Bots have personalities and quirks, which help to make the character real.

Nicole finishes up the interview with a teaser that we will see the characters meet greater challenges and undergo some serious changes. She also gives a shout-out to the artists, directors, and crew that make the show what it is.

Read the whole interview below:

Transformers News: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac

The moment you've been waiting for! The interview me & Boulder did with the great Nicole Dubuc, one of the writers of RB! Please enjoy! She's a great lady! And Season 2 starts tomorrow!

Heatwave: Areia L. Carroll asks "With Transformers Prime now over, are the writers thinking of any ways to further tie the shows together since they have been said to be in the same universe? Something like Agent Fowler, Unit:E or even Ratchet having cameos?"

Nicole: The writing team is always trying to think of ways to put Easter eggs in Rescue Bots that tie it to the Prime universe -- a lot of people have noticed the "I hope there's no such thing as a Skyquake" line Blades has, or the implication that Morocco was trying to sell off technology to Silas. I can't spoil anything that's coming up, but know that we're still treating the show as existing in Prime continuity and we pay homage/reference that whenever we can. At one point in season 1 there was a chart of where the Rescue Bots episodes happened in the Prime timeline. Now we lag the Prime events by quite a bit, obviously.

Heatwave: I know me & several others have often tried to put the timelines together... like when Morocco got the team fired & the bots couldn't contact Optimus, we often wondered if that was during the Orion Pax events. Gennie Shively asks "Did she grow up watching transformers or have other inspiration/motivation? The show is so intelligently written that I enjoy it as much as my kids."

Nicole: First off, thanks for the compliment! The writers all take this show very seriously (Jeff Kline is a stickler for plot clarity and Brian Hohlfeld is always doing the "is this in-character" check) and we never want to talk down to our audience. I did indeed grow up watching Transformers G1, and playing Transformers (I was always Bumblebee), and I wish I had kept my Grimlock and Ravage toys. How cool were those?! But the biggest inspiration on this show has been the characters themselves - they're so fun to write for, and there's such a depth of mythology to reference and draw from. Also, this show is kinda my love letter to the 80s, as you can probably tell by all the pop-culture references.

Heatwave: Lots of people love all those references! It makes for a fun game! Especially in the Alien Invasion ep! I love that you’re willing to take the time to do this! Boulder appreciates it too whenever he's on, heh.

Boulder: Hi Nicole, Yes, I appreciate you doing this, as Heatwave says. It’s an awesome gift for you to give to the fans, and believe us, they ARE devoted fans! Heatwave: Andy Blair asks "Will we be seeing Hoist, Medix, or any other new bots in future episodes?"

Nicole: Sorry, Andy, can't spoil anything, but I will say you'll meet more of the Burns family...

Heatwave: Ha! Cool! That actually brings me to a question I had... would we ever see any of the moms? The few female characters we have so far have been absolutely great!

Nicole: Can't say either way, sorry about that! BUT I can say you will see more female characters.

Heatwave: Oooo exciting! You guys have done an excellent job with female characters in this series as well as in Prime! How did you come to work on RB? Was it because you were working on Prime already? Did Hasbro ask you or did you want to do it to begin with?

Nicole: As we were wrapping up season 1 of Prime, Jeff Kline asked me to develop Rescue Bots with Brian Hohlfeld and himself. While we were in development (writing the bible and the pilot for the show), I kept writing for Prime season 2, but when we got our pickup, I started full-time on Rescue Bots as a co-story editor with Greg Johnson (who was just finishing on GI Joe Renegades).

Heatwave: Krysta Osborn asks "Which Bot is Nicole's favorite to write and why?"

Nicole: I love writing for all the Bots for different reasons -- cranky pants Heatwave is fun 'cause I can hear Steve Blum's snark in my head. Blades is hilarious and Parv always plusses the lines with his reads. Boulder is sweet and the emotional core of the Bots, and Imari brings such warmth to him. But I have to say, writing for Chase is my favorite. His dead-pan reads make for some really great stuff, and the "that's what she said" line (in fact, that whole episode where he's learning about Earth humor) still crack me up -- D.C. knows how to deliver! Stay tuned for some more great Chase episodes this season.

Boulder: Thanks Nicole. I've met DC at a con and he does deliver, it’s very true! See, Heatwave, I'm sweet! Nicole says so!

Heatwave: Phssh... you can be the huggable one... I don't need hugs! When I first started watching, I was kinda meh about Chase, but I've really come to like him, DC does a great job & you write some great lines for him! One of the new promos made laugh! "There are times I wish gravity wasn't a law!"

Nicole: I shoulda said stay tuned for great episodes for each Bot, as we try to feature them each at least twice per season!

Heatwave: I always look forward to my eps.

Nicole: Yeah, the Heatwave ep I wrote for s2 might be my favorite this season.

Heatwave: Ooooo! Now I'm excited! What about the human characters? Do you have any favorites you like to write for there? I'm a pretty big fan of Chief myself, love him!

Nicole: My favorite part of the humans in Rescue Bots is that we get to write them as families who work together, who are smart, and caring…Still-quirky, but ultimately people you want to spend time with. Yes, even Kade. It's probably easiest to write a line for him, and again, I have to give huge credit to Jason Marsden for his hilarious Kade deliveries. Maurice LaMarche delivers Chief as the dad everyone on the crew wishes they had -- he's so reassuring, caring and capable, with a sense of humor. Lacey Chabert brings a fun feistiness to Dani, and Shannon McKain handles all the techno-speak we throw at him with a lovable, nerdy quality (yes, Graham is the guy I would date). Writing for Tim Curry was a dream come true. Doc Greene has a fun way of speaking where he reverses what he's saying mid-sentence -- it could be this, or it could be that -- and we like to come up with fun science sayings for him: "boiling chips" is a throwback to my organic chem lab days. LeVar is amazing. And the kids are always so prepared with their lines. Elan Garfias plays Cody, and the emotion, range and sweetness he brings to the role makes the character real and the heart of the show. Diamond White has a sassy brightness that made Frankie appear in way more episodes than we originally planned. Oh, and who can forget Jeff Bennet, our love-to-hate Mayor Luskey and Huxley Prescott! (I think I got all the humans in there -- whew, probably more than you wanted to know!)

Boulder: I like the Chief myself....and Doc Greene cracks me up! Speaking of casting, were there any changes made to the characters after the voice actors were cast to accommodate great ideas they came up with? Also, any fun stories to share about the casting process?

Nicole: After the characters were cast, our amazing actors began to "plus" their roles -- sometimes with a reaction or ad lib. As writers, we love hearing this stuff, and we pick it up and run with it. The actors, by the way, are the closest-knit voice acting cast I've ever known -- we all hang out for fun after work and on weekends. We definitely write to them, and sometimes a story idea will come out of a joke one of them makes. Parv's dancing in the recording booth is evident in Blades in 201, for example. Fun casting stories -- well, Elan was Cody from the moment we heard him. It was a very easy show to cast; everyone just seemed to click!

Heatwave: I bet having Tim Curry was a ball! Everyone was so excited he was announced! So that's where the boiling chips came from... had several people wondering! & good on Diamond! I really like Frankie! & I remember Jeff from so many older cartoons like Gargoyles & such. You guys do a great job with the humans. I rarely like them in TF series, but in RB & Prime I've liked them all! Especially Fowler in Prime! Kudos!

Boulder: Great cast and we can tell they have so much fun! Our next question is from ABates. They ask: “Were there any scenes from season 1 that had to be cut during production that she wished could have been included?”

Nicole: I am sure there are scenes that have been cut, and certainly we're always losing jokes because of time constraints. Specifically in the pilot, there were a lot more scenes/gags where Cody shows the Bots around Griffin Rock for the first time. Our scripts start out at 35 pages and we usually have to get them down to 31 for production, so a lot of stuff gets trimmed. We try to keep the bits in our minds that get cut, and find a place for them in future episodes.

Heatwave: Pravus Prime asks "Rescue Bots has a lot of non-essential character development (such as the bots preferences in movies they like to watch), has this always been intentional from the start or is it something that has come about as the series progressed?"

Nicole: The writing staff takes great delight in the character moments -- sometimes whole stories will arise from them, like "what if Blades was a pirate fanatic?" It's very intentional and a lot of fun. We want to really get to know our characters and their quirks and we try to put that in as much as possible. To me, that's what helps make a character real.

Heatwave: I love character quirks! They really make them seem more alive! Partly why I find this show so endearing. Moreprimeland asks "Where did Dr. Morocco get his anti-aging machine? And WHAT does it run on? He mentions it was the best technology he stole... from who?"

Nicole: All of your questions will be answered… In time! Stay tuned.

Heatwave: And our last question would be...Is there anything in season 2 that you could tease us with?

Nicole: In season 2, expect our characters to meet with even greater challenges… And undergo some serious changes. Also, this isn't off a particular question, but I want to put in a shout-out for our amazing artists, directors and crew who make the show as good as it is. They put their heart and soul into Rescue Bots and really believe in creating a great story. Frank Molieri and Brian Hohlfeld are two halves of an awesome executive-producing coin. Nathan Chew has been our director for all three seasons, and the passion and joy he brings to the board is incredible. Props to Jerry (the driver among other things), Matt, Austin, Bess, Zac, Judge, Patrick, Tim… Our composers and international artists... We've had tremendous support from our executives at Hasbro and the Hub (they give very helpful notes - you should have heard our time travel discussion!). And of course, major thanks to Jeff Kline for making this all possible. (If I forgot to mention anyone, it's my own lack of coffee, not their lack of talent!)

Heatwave: It takes a lot of people to make a great show! The music has been topnotch & often gets stuck in my head, especially the tune often played when they're out in the water (that whistling tune). There's so many great little moments in the show that make me go "Cool!" like in ep 2 when Chase did that flip transform. Ah coffee... hot brown water in a spherical container...

Nicole: LOL about the coffee comment, Heatwave. Thanks for the opportunity to do this, it was a lot of fun!

Boulder: Actually, thank you, Nicole!!! Taking the time to chat with us is a wonderful gift to the fans, and much appreciated!

Heatwave: Yes, thank you again! This was absolutely wonderful and gave us some great insight into the workings of the show! You have been absolutely great!

Credit(s): Facebook page Transformers Rescue Bots

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Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1554549)
Posted by Foxbear on March 2nd, 2014 @ 12:16pm CST
:grin: So the long expected second season of Rescue Bots rolls back in with a bang. :grin:

There is the usual all ages friendly action and adventure we all fell in love with in the first season as Kade and Heatwave try out the new Mobile Command Vehicle. (That is one toy I would actually buy.)

Doc Green is being Doc Green and that creates the majority of the problems in the show. Really, WHO thought it was a good idea to give that man free access to Cybertronian tech? Oh yeah. 8) Boulder. 8)

Dani and Blades share some friendly banter over a para-glider they rescued. (Blades is curious as to why she remembers this Taylor's name and not any of the other rescues.)

Turns out Heatwave was Lobbing champ for three years running.

All in all it was a very satisfying start to the season and I am looking forward to the next!
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1555152)
Posted by Bumblevivisector on March 5th, 2014 @ 12:58am CST
We got the obvious Little Shop of Horrors homage with the big flytraps, but did anyone else think beating the giant, fast-growing plants with seawater was an homage to Day of the Triffids, or just a coincidence?

The long delay of this season still makes little sense sales-wise, because the toys they're showcasing have been out for months. The MHQ has even already come and gone through Marshalls; granted, it debuted last thing last season, but this first ep seemed largely concerned with highlighting it.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1556136)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 8th, 2014 @ 10:30pm CST
Episode 29 -

There's a shipment coming over from the government to Doc's lab. Chief and Chase are to escort it, and Chief seems to have a cold.

Uh oh, Evan and Myles are out to nab the government tech. And hey, Even can speak.

Er, wait a sec. They're on an island. How exactly do Evan and Myles plan to get away from Chief and Chase by car?

Huh. Oil spill. Clever. And nearly fatal since their pursuers were sent over a cliff. Chief likely wouldn't have survived if his car hadn't been Chase, who transformed and climbed back up.

Shorter version of the theme song today.

Chief refers to Evan and Myles as being "back" on Griffin Rock, implying that they'd been off the island since they last appeared.

Forgot to mention this with the previous two episodes, but the firehouse now has a statue of a griffin standing upon an Autobot symbol set outside of it.

Ah, it's the flu that Chief has. and with him out of commission, the next oldest Burns, Kade, assumes command, much to the chagrin of Cody and Heatwave.

LOOOOOOOOL at the scene with the Bots trying to understand the human illness known as the flu. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Cody's voice sounds a little off in this episode. Like, more high-pitched than normal.

Kade is a jerk. I love the guy, but he's a jerk.

Blades is coughing from the smoke.

"Power Up and Energize!!!" - Heatwave is using his double-barreled water cannon from his large-sized transformable Energize toy! So he's got TWO Energize tools! Also, I forgot to mention this last time as well, but the Energize tool usage also has the Bots' Autobot symbols glow blue.

Doc's new invention is a Stasis Machine, which sounds like a device similar to the Immobilizer, only it freezes object not only in space but in time as well, stopping them from aging. Although, the thieves from before still got away with part of the shipment, so it may not work properly.

Cody accidentally got zapped by the incomplete machine. So this is how he gets olde--WOAH!! He's RIPPED! Buff, muscular, a full grown mustache, he's like younger, primer version of his dad! At 6' 2", even.

What went wrong is that, since the machine has two forces (one that ages and one that reverses age) and one of them is missing. Cody got hit by the present aging force while the de-aging force is still missing.

Chase mistakens the aged Cody for an intruder.

And the Bots are not the least bit impressed by the new "grown up Cody".

And Kade is likewise not the least bit enthused (quite the opposite, in fact). This'll be good.

Wait, that's a rocket. A full-blown Jimmy Neutron-sized rocket. Caught on the power lines. If that doesn't just scream "dangerous" then I don't know what does.

The rocket came from a Mr. Cullen, an amateur astronomer.

Heatwave (to Kade): "You may be a fireman, but I think you just got burned." - OH SNAP! I love this show!

Uh oh, is Hayley flirting with Cody (who identifies himself as "Cole", Kade's older cousin filling in for Chief)?

KA-BOOM!!! 200 pounds of fuel gone up in smoke.

Eeyup, now Hayley's into "Cole" since he shielded her from the blast (while he's a bit grossed out by her affections since he's still a child at heart), which makes Kade VERY irate.

Chase is against the dispute between Kade and Cody, but Heatwave is ALL FOR of power struggles! Though he means after they finish the mission, but dude!

How convenient of Evan and Myles to show up at the lab to steal the rest of the Stasis Machine.

TREX! He's back!

While it's very nice that Chase stopped at the red light to let the elderly man cross, don't police cars still have the legal right to pass through red lights when blazing their sirens?

Evan and Myles plan to hijack the ferry to the mainland.

Oh dear, Myles used his stolen piece of the stasis machine to de-age Kade.

LOL, widdle Kade's wearing some borrowed clothes from Cody.

Aaaaand, nabbed 'em!

LOL at Chief reaction to young Kade and grown Cody.

Oliver Vaquer voiced the adult version of Cody.

Danica McKeller voiced Hayley.

When I first heard about this episode, I was skeptical. It sounded like an idea that could be either really good or really awful. And I am relieved to see that it turned out to be the former. This episode was downright hilarious. It's like how season 1's "Four Bots and a Baby" seemed like it could also go either way, but turned out to be really good in the end. Adult Cody was superbly competent yet believably flawed as a character, and that's how it showed be. He wasn't the stereotypical "little boy in a man's body" portrayal we get in stories like this, nor was he Gary Stu'd into being the best Mr. Perfect ever. He saw his condition as an opportunity to exploit, and did so in a reasonably believable manner, while also showing signs of needing much to learn as an adult, for it takes knowledge and wisdom, not mere size and strength, to be a man. And kid Kade was fun bonus. Overall, another gem of an episode.

Next week... g-g-g-g-GREMLINS??!!!
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1556977)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 12th, 2014 @ 8:53am CDT
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557005)
Posted by El Duque on March 12th, 2014 @ 9:55am CDT
Courtesy of Zap2it we have the titles, air dates, and brief descriptions for Transformers: Rescue Bots Season 2 episodes 7 & 8.

Episode 7, Prescott's Bots, is scheduled to air on April 5th. See the brief synopsis below:

S02, E07 (First Aired: April 5, 2014)
The Team is forced to participate in a reality show that captures extreme danger on camera.

Episode 8, Blame the Gremlins, is scheduled to air on April 12th. See the brief synopsis below:

S02, E08 (First Aired: April 12, 2014)
Kade's nightmares come to life and threaten Griffin Rock and Cody and the Rescue Bots must help.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557017)
Posted by El Duque on March 12th, 2014 @ 10:42am CDT
Shout! Factory has uploaded a new Transformers: Rescue Bots music video to promote their soon to be released Transformers: Rescue Bots Heroes on the Scene DVD. The DVD is scheduled to release on March 18th, click here to pre-order.

Check it out embedded below:

Join Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder—the Autobots' best rescue team—for five adventure-filled episodes! Along with their human friends, the Burns family, the Rescue Bots go undercover to protect the quiet, little town of Griffin Rock from danger!

You can pre-order the dvd now here:

http://www.shoutfactory.com/product/tra ... roes-scene

Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557141)
Posted by El Duque on March 12th, 2014 @ 6:03pm CDT
We have yet another Transformers: Rescue Bots title, synopsis, and air date courtesy of Zap2it. Season 2 episode 9 is titled Feed the Beast and scheduled to air on April 19th. The brief episode description can be found below:

S02, E09 (First Aired: April 19, 2014)
While trying to hunt it down, Cody and the Bots discover the legendary Maine Ridge Monster is closer than they thought.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557192)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 12th, 2014 @ 9:43pm CDT
Another episode listing already? That was quick.

As for the video, that's from episode 24, "Shake Up", and is Diamond White (Frankie's voice actress) doing the singing herself instead of being dubbed over by a soundalike. 8)
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557828)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 15th, 2014 @ 9:09pm CDT
Episode 30 -

After hearing reports from a local sea captain about something (he claimed it was a sea monster) circling the captain's vessel three times, the team is out at sea investigating, only to happen upon an iceberg. In a non-winter season.

It's HIM! He's aboard the iceberg! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Chief tossed him com link onto the iceberg so that Dani and Blades can track it. Smart.

Cody's found a control panel. Could the whole iceberg be completely artificial?

And after pushing a button, a large hatch has opened underneath Blades' feet, swallowing him.

Yyyyyyep! The iceberg is really a large ship covered in ice. Methinks a sinister plot is afoot.

Blades wants to get the whole team, the Navy, and Optimus all together before exploring the ship.

According the ship's log, it is called the S.S. Isolde.

And according to chief, it's a freighter that was lost in 1966. It was used to transport experimental tech to Griffin Rock, but the captain and crew had to abandon ship after certain cargo became unstable.

The log continues to say that the captain was Zachary Burns, who was Burns siblings' great-grandfather. He never spoke of what happened because it really spooked him.

A nearby generator is still turned on. Seems dangerous enough since it instantly froze Blades completely.

Why doesn't Cody just ask Dani to help him bring back the portrait?

According to Doc Greene, records from 1966 show that the Isolde's cargo was mostly top secret, except for one thing: the Subzero Expander (the device that froze Blades). It was supposed to restore melting polar caps by generating fresh ice.

LOL! Blades is in a defrosting tub and wrapped in the blanket. :lol:

Kade and Heatwave both agree in blowing up the freighter, while the others wanna preserve its historicity. Despite validity of the latter party's interests, Chief has to put the safety of others above all and sides with "the bomb squad". :P

Cody is ordered to stay behind, but knowing human sidekicks in Transformers, but while also knowing how smart this show is... erm, I'll just wait and see if he stays behind or not.

Cody's reading more of the captain's log for info. Cue flashback!

The rest of the team is using the Darby Ava again.

"Power Up and Energize!" - Heatwave's water gun is instead used as a flamethrower this time.

Dynamite bombs have been placed, with timers set for a ten minute evacuation.

Uh oh! Something's moving in the water. Sea monster? Or something worse?

Just in case it's something alive, Blades and Heatwave have tossed away the bombs.

It's a submersible! You know what that means!


Though, his voice is a bit different. That's not Tim Curry (he must have still been ill at the time of this recording).

Morocco claims to have patched things up with the mayor upon returning the mayor's schooner (which he mispronounces as "skooner"), nullifying his arrest warrant.

He also claims that the Burnses are trespassing, saying that the Isolde is "finders keepers". While Kade doubts that'll hold up in court, his dad unfortunately confirms that Morocco is in the right. According to naval salvage law, whoever finds an abandoned vessel gets claim to the ship and all its cargo. Morocco even has an official document signed by the mayor earlier that morning.

Though Morocco is warned about the ship's unstable cargo, he isn't worried as he is conducting a salvage operation, and demands that the Burnses cease their interference.

Cody just called the mayor and got a confirmation that the Isolde now belongs to Morocco. The Burnses have no jurisdiction to continue their investigation and pull out. Morocco has won.

According to the last entry of the captain's log, the crew was ordered to abandon ship by the Griffin Rock lab because any attempts to move the damaged Subzero Expander would likely cause it to explode and flash freeze everything within five miles. That's it was never retrieved.

The team's gotta go back.

No! The ferry is nearby! Captain Shaw's gotta get it away from there!

There's no time to explain to Morocco the danger he's in, so Kade orders his "Fire-Bot" to "assist" the good doctor to his submarine. :lol:

WHOA! :shock: :shock: :shock:

They... they didn't make it in time. The ferry, the Bots, the Darby Ava, the Isolde, it's all frozen. The humans took cover, but the whole area has been deep freezed.

And the Burnses are all trapped inside their frozen Bots.

Boulder tried moving, but it just knocked him and Graham over a cliff. They were VERY fortunate to survive that fall.

Dani's de-icing spray isn't enough this time, either.

Yikes! The freeze went all the way to shore.

Oh, smart thinking, Cody! Really smart thinking! No, I'm not being sarcastic, here! He's gotten the Turbo Cycle and is riding it out to sea in its jet ski mode to help out. This is one of the rare cases where his help is definitely needed. Gotta love it when we get some decent written and competent human sidekicks for once. :D

NO!! The ferry's passengers are making a break for it, driving their cars out onto the frozen sea! The fools! They could drown themselves if the ice breaks!

Cody's come equipped with a whole tank of de-icing spray. Better than Dani's smaller spray bottle (but to be fair, no one could have known that'd end up being this bad).

Morocco escaped! His sub is gone!

Go get those drivers from before, guys! Roll to the rescue!

The ice! It's breaking!

Wait, why didn't the Burnses get inside the Bots before they drove off?

All the jumping around the Bots do to catch each car could have easily further broken or sank the ice beneath their feet. Sure is a miracle that it didn't. :roll:

The Darby Ava's been hit by ice! It's going down!

WHAT THE--!!! Morocco SAVED the Burnses?!!

And now he's fled the scene again. Did he save them to throw off suspicion or something? Or to make them think that that makes up for his past misdeeds?

The Isolde's gone too. Chances are Morocco might have taken it as well.

Doorbell. Package delivery.

It's the portrait of Zachary Burns that Cody was trying to get earlier. Cody wonders if there's hope for Dr. Morocco yet.

Meanwhile, on the Isolde, Morocco opens up a crate to find something glowing. "Oh my! Just what the doctor ordered!"

*GASP* The episode closes on Morocco's M logo in its own version of the scene transition!!!

Aw, this upload left out the end credits, so I can't tell who voiced Morocco in this one.

This episode turned out to be a lot better than I anticipated. The iceberg was much much more than a big piece of ice, the dangers just kept on piling and piling on top of each other, and we even got more of Griffin Rock's history explored. And what's more, we got the return of Doctor Morocco and he's just as classy and elegantly calculating as ever! He was quite literally untouchable in this episode (save for Heatwave lovingly tossing him into his sub) and pretty much won in the end. Even without Tim Curry's awesome voice, this show proves that good writing can make a villain be deliciously evil and enjoyable, especially when he manages to turn the law around on our heroes. And regarding the dangers, I loved how this episode shows just how dangerous things can get here with there actually being consequences and repercussions that happen when the team fails to stop the Subzero Expander from going off. And that combined with Morocco's victory shows that the good guys pretty much lost in this episode, a rarity in a Transformers cartoon and especially in one aimed at younger audiences. So, even though they managed to safe everyone and all survive, they still lost. Morocco got away and kept all the goods he was after. Score one for the bad guy, this time.

EDIT: Found the Hub Network version. Greg Ellis voiced Morocco in Tim Curry's stead.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557957)
Posted by bluecatcinema on March 16th, 2014 @ 2:58pm CDT
Nice to see Morocco back. Too bad Tim Curry's stroke prevented him from reprising the role. :-(
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1557958)
Posted by bluecatcinema on March 16th, 2014 @ 3:00pm CDT
Double post, sorry.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1558819)
Posted by Archanubis on March 19th, 2014 @ 7:39pm CDT
bluecatcinema wrote:Nice to see Morocco back. Too bad Tim Curry's stroke prevented him from reprising the role. :-(

I didn't realize he had a stroke; I though his role on Star Wars: The Clone Wars had taken him away from his role as Dr. Morocco.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1559248)
Posted by El Duque on March 21st, 2014 @ 5:00pm CDT
Zap2it has posted title and description for Transformers: Rescue Bots season 2 episode 10. The episode is titled What Lies Below, and is scheduled to air on April 26th. A brief episode synopsis can be found below:

S02, E10 (First Aired: April 26, 2014)
Cody's uncle comes to visit; the Rescue Team goes on a mission below the earth's surface.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1559273)
Posted by bluecatcinema on March 21st, 2014 @ 6:57pm CDT
Uncle, eh? Maybe he'll discover the Bots secret.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1559324)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 21st, 2014 @ 10:55pm CDT
Well, there's already been plenty of spelunking in this show thus far, so if they want to make this episode's cave-diving experience a unique, here's hoping they pull it off.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1559403)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 22nd, 2014 @ 7:08pm CDT
Episode 32 -

Never thought I'd see the day where Blades of all Bots would get enjoyment out of using a sloped waterfall as a water slide, what with the fast downward falling motion involved in it.

Boulder's painting, Chief is fishing, and Kade and Heatwave are skipping stones competitively. Looks like a picnic.

The recreational area (as Chase puts it) that they're at is Blossom Vale, which Graham notes was almost lost to a housing development, but Chief notes that the Council thankfully refused that offer (since the mayor and his wife like to snorkel there).

Emergency call. A little girl (named Cathy) fell into the Old Hawkins Well, which is too narrow for an adult to fit inside, so they have no choice but to lower Cody down in to get her instead.

The well's sides are crumbling, so they instead have to dig a bigger hole nearby to get to the bottom of the well from the side of it.

Power Up and Energize! Heatwave gets his axe and Chase gets his claw.

OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! GAAAAGH!!! There was no girl trapped in the well at all! What was down there was Priscilla's talking DOLL named Cathy! Even Chief is ticked off!

Ugh! And with Priscilla being such an ungrateful twit, I'm really starting to wish that she would fall down that well herself. Why did the makers decide to create such an unlikable a character?

And her mother, Madeline, not only lets her get away with such behavior, but tells Chief lighten up since she'll reimburse the city for the time the Team just wasted retrieving a doll that Priscilla no longer even cares about. Lady, there are a lot things money can't fix.

And, now she's wanting to buy the Bots to put them on the market. I can see who her daughter gets her mindset from.

Heh, Blades like the doll.

Someone left a cellphone behind on a street bench, and it's vibrating. Chief picks it up to answer to see if the owner is calling to get it back and... dude is all spaced out. Let the mind control session begin.

"The project is the priority."

Chief seems okay, but we viewers know better.

He's having Chase evacuate Blosson Vale, and is secretly stuffing the lost cellphone in a hidden bag full of lots of similar cellphones. I'm starting to think that a certain doctor isn't the one behind this scheme this time.

When asked by Cody what they were doing, Chase explains that Chief evacuated the park because he was "adamant that poisonous sulfur levels were dangerously high." The others, and Chase, are skeptical of this claim, but Heatwave trusts Chief so much that he insists that they should trust him as well.

"The project is the priority. And the priority is the project."

Heatwave: "Hey, whay aren't you answering Cody?"
Kade: "The project is the priority."
Heatwave: "What project?"
Kade: "Blossom Vale."
Heatwave: "Alright, Kade, it's high time I was told what's going on out there!"
Kade: "No, it's high time you started following orders without questioning them."
Heatwave: "I dare you to say that again!"

Some CGI was used for Vehicle Mode Blades putting out the structure fire.

So, it looks like Dani and Blades might also be free of the mind control in this episode, meaning that Cody may not be alone in his eventual efforts to save the rest of his family.

Looks like the others are mining some kind of special mineral from underneath Blossom Vale.

Oh snap! Graham hypnotized Blades, who then hypnotized Dani with her radio helmet. Looks like Cody really is alone in this one.

Oh no. Cody called Doc and his diction sounds like he's possessed too. Just how far has the hypnosis from the phones spread?

Both Frankie and the mayor are possessed too. And a lot of the townspeople. This is bad. This is very bad.

The boulders containing the mineral that the possessed are mining are being sent to a large ship offshore.

Finally! An accident at the dig site knocked Boulder free of the hypnosis when his phone got smashed. He's the first and only ally that Cody now has.

Smart thinking! Take out the local cell tower and destroy the phones' signal.

More CGI! This time for Boulder's transformation to jump over the others into the tower.

No one remembers anything prior to their hypnosis.

Graham can't believe that such technology as a phone that hypnotizes people to carry out orders exists. Boulder adds that it even worked on bots, which he deems "dangerous science".

The mineral that was being dug is none other than... gold. A LOT of gold. The team then recalls how a company once tried to buy Blossom Vale not too long ago, and then this incident happens, as though those people knew the gold was there ahead of time and used the Team to do their dirty work. Chief to find whoever is responsible and bring them to justice, however long it takes.

Though the Bots take responsibility for the recent activities and want to mend the damage they did, it looks like the rest of the town wants to help them out as well.

DUN DUN DUN! Madeline Pynch's company was behind the whole ordeal. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a new villain!

Stacy Darrow voiced Madeline Pynch.

At first, I was thinking this episode would be a follow up to the last one, but then as things began to add up, it became pretty clear that it wasn't. With the introduction of Madeline Pynch, I was ready to dislike this character as much as her daughter, but now that we see her as the newest addition to this show's rogue's gallery, her contemptible nature is much easier to accept for a villainess. And, unlike Morocco, the Team has no idea that she was responsible, nor are they aware of her being at large with unethical schemes happening behind the scenes of her company. Another layer of corruption within Griffin Rock has been exposed to the viewers, and now the gauntlet has been cast in this one with Madeline Pynch now a full-fledged nemesis of the Rescue Bots. Beware, Autobots, for your enemies are growing in number.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1559858)
Posted by Archanubis on March 24th, 2014 @ 4:24pm CDT
Sabrblade wrote:At first, I was thinking this episode would be a follow up to the last one, but then as things began to add up, it became pretty clear that it wasn't. With the introduction of Madeline Pynch, I was ready to dislike this character as much as her daughter, but now that we see her as the newest addition to this show's rogue's gallery, her contemptible nature is much easier to accept for a villainess. And, unlike Morocco, the Team has no idea that she was responsible, nor are they aware of her being at large with unethical schemes happening behind the scenes of her company. Another layer of corruption within Griffin Rock has been exposed to the viewers, and now the gauntlet has been cast in this one with Madeline Pynch now a full-fledged nemesis of the Rescue Bots. Beware, Autobots, for your enemies are growing in number.

I, too, suspected Morocco had hand in the events of this episode, though I suspected Ms. Pynch as well, since strip mining doesn't seem to be Morocco's style. I do wonder if the two will join up at some point, with one pulling an "Eviler than Thou" on the other (my money's on Morocco screwing Pynch over).

While it's interesting that Pynch's villainy has gone undetected this episode, it surely can't last, only if such villainy rarely lasts long on shows like this (how long did it take for Dr. Morocco's villainous nature to be revealed? A quarter of an season when one adds up all the episodes before his intro?) Naturally, once could assume her villainy could be revealed with an internet search (after all, a company petition the city council to buy the site, and Cody and especially Frankie are pretty 'net savvy), though I suspect Pynch was smart enough to use a "shell company" to hide her true intentions and cover her tracks.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1560761)
Posted by El Duque on March 27th, 2014 @ 3:24pm CDT
Once again Zap2it brings us the details on an upcoming Transformers: Rescue Bots episode. Season 2 episode 11 will be titled What Rises Above, with an air date of May 3rd. See the brief episode synopsis below:

S02, E11 (First Aired: May 3, 2014)
The Rescue Bots and Burnses must work together when they are stuck underground in a primeval world.
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1560770)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 27th, 2014 @ 4:26pm CDT
A two-parter! "What Lies Below" and "What Rises Above". This should be quite interesting.

I wonder if this "primeval world" could be the source of the dinosaur altmodes that will come later in season 3. :-?
Re: Facebook Page Transformers: Rescue Bots Interview with Nicole Dubac (1561249)
Posted by Sabrblade on March 29th, 2014 @ 11:33pm CDT
It turns out that this week's episode is actually episode 31, and that the real episode 32 aired last week, having both it and this one swapped with each other for some reason.

Anyway, episode 31 -

Wintertime already, huh.

A rocket skier's trapped on Mount Griffin. Never a dull day in Griffin Rock.

The skier's fallen! The impact knocked him out. Probably has a concussion among other injuries.


No wonder Heatwave's gonna have to realize Blades' potential in this one. The snow storm made Blades even more of a nervous wreck than ever.

Ha! Chase invoked Murphy's Law.

The titular virtual reality game that Blades and Cody are going to play is currently on display at the Hall of Inspiration. It's played via V.R. Chambers that each player enters to scan avatars and operate the game from within.

Ha! Cody's avatar can jump like Mario. Let the game references begin.

CAT (short for "Character-Assist Technology") is the game's guide character.

Cool! A map of the island in game form.

Lots of classic game sound effects.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the snow storm has only worsened, now with lightning added in.

Oh snap! The lightning struck the Hall of Inspiration, and Cody and Blades are still in there with their minds hooked up to the game.

Now the game has been glitched. All dangers that were once harmless have become harmful. Virtual danger is virtually real.

CAT: "I'm sorry, Cody. I am afraid I can't do that." - HAL 9000 reference!

Ha! Blades referred to Barney the Dinosaur by noting that "Dragons seem a lot friendlier on public television!" (even though dragons aren't dinosaurs, er close enough for him, I guess).

Meanwhile, Chief trying to get to Cody and Blades inside the Hall.

Graham looks to be the only one who understands how the game works and, after looking it over, figures that the game can't be turned off manually while in use. And they can't just force it off since, as Boulder states, shutting off the game while Cody and Blades are connected to it might shut off their minds. The only way to turn it off is for it to turn itself off, meaning that Cody and Blades have to finish the game themselves.

Though, Graham figures out a way for one of the other three Bots to be patched into the system to help, and Heatwave volunteers.

The storm is affecting the Hall's power. If the power goes out before the game's over, then it's a permanent Game Over for Cody and Blades.

LOL, "arrow to the knee"!

NO! After that last tree fell onto the power lines, the Hall's power's going dead!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! "All your base are belong to us!"

Phew! That was TOO close! We almost had a double funeral, there.

Heatwave's finally been uploaded to the game. But it looks like they didn't need his help.

How is one supposed to fight, let alone beat, this stone griffin boss? There seems to be no pattern or logic to its movements and actions, acting more like a real life beast than a programmed game boss.

They won!

Cody hugs only Graham when he gets out and not his dad?

And why is Chase still confused as to why humans enjoy snow days when they had a fun one back in season 1's "Christmas in July" episode?

Nicole Dubuc voiced CAT.

And Steve Blum is credited as Captain Wild.

This episode... hmm, what can I say? It was fun. Pure, unadulterated fun. Granted, it wasn't a very substantial episode, but it did more character growth both Blades, who learned to become an even braver bot than ever. And Heatwave got a bit out of this one, seeing that Blades really is up to snuff at the end of it all. I guess this is just one of those "kick back, relax, and enjoy the fun after a long, hard day's work" kind of episode, and in that regard, it works well enough.

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