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Transformers News: updates with magazine scans

Thursday, September 1st, 2005 5:56PM CDT

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Posted by: Sideshow Sideswipe   Views: 33,230 updated today with images from three different magazines; Hyper Hobby, TV mag, and TV-Boy.

Included are images of Dark NItro Convoy, kabaya block-formers and (most important) an 'anime' image and backstory spoiler for the upcoming Soundwave character.

New magazines are released today, Hyper Hobby, TV Magazine and TV-Boy were out and contained new info on Transformers. You can still order your copy from here.
Hyper Hobby:
1. Spotlight on the final wave of Galaxy Force figures for this year, GC-23 Megalo Convoy, GX-02 Soundwave and GD-14 Master Galvatron. Showing off also the anime image of Megalo Convoy.
2. Toys R Us exclusive Platinum Micron campaign's final micron, Platinum Material, will start at the end of Sep with the purchase of GC-23 Megalo Convoy, for those interested, we are taking advance orders on this, same rule as before, purchase of GC-23 Megalo Convoy from TRU is required, price will be US$75 (for both Megalo Convoy and exclusive Platinum Material).
3. More detail shots on Kabaya BlockFormers, releasing late Sep. US$4 each for those interested. Advance order here.
4. other similar reports that we have shown before are the Binaltech Asterisk series which will release in late September (order here), Reissue Star Convoy, Galaxy Force DVD Vol.4.
1. As reported before, this issue of TV mag. includes the mail in order form for their exclusive Dark Nitro Convoy. Limited to 2000 only, this exclusive repaint even comes with a backstory (somewhat), created by Master Megatron with his dark energy (ala Dark LigerJack), Dark Nitro Convoy's motto "I am the fastest guy in the galaxy!! I will defeat Nitro Convoy and rule the planet of Speedia". For those who preordered this with us, price will be US$45, if you wish to cancel the order, please let us know, confirmation to the order will be informed later of the month, item is expected to ship in late Oct to Nov. Orders are now closed.
2. Description of Primus, Gigalonia were featured, most of which have transpired in the show already. An anime image of Soundwave was shown, including a small introduction of this new mysterious character, possessing the location to Gigalonia, Soundwave appeared in front of Master Megatron as he was searching for Gigalonia. Ignition ability includes ejecting "Hexagon" from his chest which can transform into weapons or a condor for recon operations. Hexagon has the ability to record target's voice or image and report back the Soundwave.
3. Next issue of TV magazine will featured another mail in order special, TV mag. exclusive EZ collection 3 pack set, which consist of Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron and Starscream, all in clear versions. Details and price will be reveal in the next issue, you can place your advance order here.
1. Showing off a small image of the core room within Primus, where Primus was able to rely instructions directly to Galaxy Convoy thru a terminal, before he can be fully awaken.
2. A nice toy picture of Liger Megatron.
New advertisment of Galaxy Force with spotlight on Sonic Convoy (and Master Galvatron and Soundwave) can be found here.
Credit(s): sideshow sideswipe
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