Forthcoming Galaxy Force, G1 Reissue, Binaltech and more? UPDATED

Forthcoming Galaxy Force, G1 Reissue, Binaltech and more? UPDATED

Friday, March 25th, 2005 4:37pm CST

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Posted by: Alex Kingdom   Views: 26,199
Dragonx76 of has posted a list of possible forthcoming Takara products. Read the list below, it makes for very interesting reading. Please note many of the names are spelt phonetically.

Found some interesting info was passed on to me. Some of these names are spelled PHONETICALLY. Some of these I posted a while back when I found out the trademarks. I will follow-up once I get more info. You heard it here first.

GC-19 "Ecshigazar"
GC-20 Back Guild <-Back Pack Upgrade?
GC-21 First/Fast Gunner <-First Aid Upgrade?
GC-22 Sonic
GD-11 Chromia
GD-12 "Rordos"/Roads
GD-13 Ramble/Rumble
GD-14 Dark/Darkness
GD-15 Arm

TFC-20 Mini Bot Set 2
TFC-21 "Galva/Galba" Galvatron?

Hellfire Micron "Palgetiyo"

Some interesting entries...Could be Binaltech diorama accessory sets
TFBT-1 Radar Set
TFBT-2 Control Set/Control Tower Set
TFBT-3 Airport Building Set
TFBT-4 Gasoline Station Set
TFBT-5 Garage Set
TFBT-6 Signal/Traffic Lights Set

2 More Things added:
HBS-02 Master Megatron

UPDATE: the following has been added to the list:

Few more stuff
USA Edition Wedge & Grimlock
USA Edition Heavy Load & High Tower
More Micron Promotions
More Force Chip Promotions
R/M Real Color Starscream <--you got me???
R/M Real Color Beast Megatron <--same here???
Robot Master Limited Ultra Magnus.... uh oh.. probably white g1 convoy repaint... haha
BR-15 Megatron Super Mode

See Dragonx76s original thread here at and Join the discussion here at the Energon Pub.


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