G1 Tantrum Comes to Transformers: Forged to Fight

Transformers News: G1 Tantrum Comes to Transformers: Forged to Fight

Thursday, July 12th, 2018 7:07PM CDT

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Via Kabam's official sites and social media platforms, we have an update on their latest addition to the Transformers: Forged to Fight mobile game - in the form of the angry snarling bull of the Predacons himself: Tantrum! Read along the Bot Intel Report below, and find out more here.

Transformers News: G1 Tantrum Comes to Transformers: Forged to Fight

Faction: Decepticon

Class: Brawler

Anger is all Tantrum knows and violence is all he understands, so don’t expect to find reason or measure in his actions. As an ancestor of modern Predacons, Tantrum’s alternate mode serves as a good indicator of his skillset and overall bullish temperament.


Health: 1942
Attack: 181
Max Rating: 533

Health: 4768
Attack: 385
Max Rating: 1292

Health: 12392
Attack: 1000
Max Rating: 3484

The bot’s naturally tough Cybertronian exterior permanently provides 10% passive Armor.
Tantrum gains an additional 25% passive Armor while Dashing forward.
Dashing and Dodging

Dashing towards the opponent has a 100% Chance to grant a Melee Buff, increasing Melee Damage by 15~24%. [Max 10 stacks]
If Tantrum Dodges backwards he loses all Melee Buffs.
Heavy Attacks

2% Chance for each Melee Buff on Tantrum to Stun the opponent for 2 seconds.

Holding Block allows Tantrum to Charge an Unstoppable Buff. After Charging for 1.5 seconds, Tantrum becomes Unstoppable for 3.5~4.5 seconds and does not lose Melee Buffs when Dodging backwards.
Charging Unstoppable is 8% faster for each Melee Buff on Tantrum.
Once Unstoppable expires Tantrum must Cool Off and cannot recharge his Unstoppable for 5 seconds.
Tantrum’s attacks become wild and unpredictable, punching through enemy defenses and ignoring their damaging debuffs.

Every 3 Melee Bonus Buffs

When Tantrum gains 3 Melee Bonus Buffs he gains Frenzy, granting +10~70% Critical Chance and a 20% chance to be Unblockable for 6 seconds. Additionally, when Tantrum becomes Frenzied, he Purifies all Damaging Debuffs and cannot be inflicted with further Damaging Debuffs for the duration of Frenzy.
Special 1 – Flamethrower

Tantrum is always hot headed.

10% chance for each Melee Buff on Tantrum to inflict Burn, dealing heat damage equal to 50~70% of Attack Rating over 4 seconds.
Special 2 – Electro-Sword

Prepare to be jolted by the impact.

10% Chance for each Melee Buff on Tantrum to Stun the opponent for 3 seconds.
Special 3 – Bull Rush

Unyielding, unblockable, and completely unstoppable.

Tantrum gains 3 Attack Buffs and goes Unstoppable for 7.5~9.5 seconds.
Mutual – Allies – Galvatron

+2~8% Armor
Mutual – Enemies – Blaster, Arcee

+2~8% Attack
Outgoing – Beast Ancestor – All Beast War Bots

After each Heavy Attack, this bot gains a Beast Fury buff that grants Attacks a 5~15% chance to be Unblockable for 6 seconds.
Bonecrusher: Bonecrusher’s uncanny ability to inflict Bleeds will be soundly thwarted when Tantrum becomes Frenzied, leaving the walking cactus without many options.
Optimus Primal: Primal builds Melee Buffs when attacking into a Blocking opponent, but forcing Tantrum to Block for too long will set off this bullish bot’s Unstoppable ability.
Starscream: Tantrum will learn that his brute strength does nothing in the face of Starscream’s Null Ray.
Dinobot: Dinobot was forged to be a bullfighter.
Transwarp Cell: Ensuring Tantrum uses his Heavy Attack often is key to keep the enemy pinned down.
Exo-Filter: The time Tantrum spends Unstoppable might just outweigh the times he is not.
Credit(s): Forged to Fight
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The nose ring is a nice touch.
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