Huge Update: October 4th 2007

Huge Update: October 4th 2007

Thursday, October 4th, 2007 11:42pm CDT

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Joel of has put out a BIG update to his store online. Check out all of the cool new arrivals, and plenty of other cool stuff up for preorder!

Hi - Here is another quick update from about
some exiting new preorders and many more new arrivals:


GI JOE 25TH - WAVE 5: This cool new set features five all new figures
including: Iron Grenadier Destro (Blade Destro), Snake Eyes - All Black
Version, Crimson Guard, Snow Job, and Sgt. Flash. We have sets of 5
listed at $34.99, and full cases of 8 which also include a 2nd Crimson
Guard, Shipwreck, and Hooded Cobra Commander for $47.99

awesome Leader Class prime with a cool blue & gray color scheme.
Nightwatch Prime is up for preorder at $49.99 and should be arriving in

STAR WARS EXPANDED UNIVERSE - WAVE 6: Hasbro continues to roll out more
collector driven products with the 6th wave of Comic book 2-packs. We
have the wave 6 set up for preorder at $39.99 for all 3 2-packs - which
include: Dark Horse: Empire #39: Lt Jundlund (Luke) & Lt. Shan, Dark
Horse: Empire #37: Stormtrooper Disguise 2-pack (Mouse and Basso), Dark
Horse: Tales #23: Republic Commando (white) & Super Battle Droid (tan)

TRANSFORMER MOVIE DELUXE FIGURES: Two new assortments are coming out this
winter - Hasbro has packed them full of new figures and the only old
figure included is the highly sought after 2008 Camaro Bumblebee! New
figures include Landmine, Cliffjumper, Camshaft, and Stockade, the 2008
Bumblebee preorder has also been reopened - all preorders are $12.99 to
$14.99, and cases of 8 are up for $94.99 - there are some great
assortments so take a look here:

MARVEL LEGENDS - UNLEASHED FIGURES: The Unleashed line makes its way from
Star Wars, to Spider-Man, and now to the Marvel Legends series. The first
two figures under the Marvel Legends them are Spider-Man and Green Goblin
- up for preorder at $49.99 per set or $23.99 for Spider-Man alone.

STAR WARS UNLEASHED BATTLEPACKS: New images have just arrived for the
three latest sets of figures - check them out below and be sure to take a
look at the rest of the 2008 Star Wars produce they have announced so far:


SPORTS PICKS NFL 15: This wave proved to be quite popular and we now have
all the regular figures available at $10.99 and the chase William Thomas
figure at $14.99. Figures include Tony Romo, Peyton Manning, Cedric
Benson, Brian Westbrook, Vince Young, and Ray Lewis.

NECA'S PEE WEE HERMAN: These fun retro style figures are not big on
articulation, but they do win in the nostalgia department. We have the
set of 5 for $44.99 and various single packed figures here:

BON JOVI: Another shipment of these extremely popular figures has just
arrived - Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi are each in stock for $12.99

GUNDAM FIX 0035: The new Shin Musha Gundam is now in stock for $54.99, be
sure to check out a variety of other FIX items in stock as well.

Thanks again for your interest in and sorry to send
back-to-back newsletters - there was so much good stuff we thought you'd
like to know as quickly as possible.


GI JOE 25TH - WAVE 4: Hasbro has just announced a fourth wave of figures
for 2007. The 8 figures in this wave were all previously released in
various 5-packs that are now getting quite hard to find. We have the full
set of 8 listed at $47.99 - including: Cobra Commander, Cobra Air
Trooper, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Destro, Duke, and Storm Shadow. We
also have the figures listed separately as they are being released on the
vintage style single-figure card packaging.

MP-05 MEGATRON RETURNS: Takara has just announced a surprise reissue of
the immensely popular MP-05 Megatron. Preorders have been opened at
$99.99 and the figure should be arriving in December or possibly January.
These will all include our custom-engineered orange safety tip for legal
importing. We have to place our orders in Japan within a week, so the
earlier all who are interested can order, the better prepared we can be
for getting enough for everyone.

STAR WARS 2008 FIGURES: Hasbro has announced 3 new Saga Style cases for
2008. These cases include a variety of popular figures from previous
series. We also have 3 new Force Unleashed Battle Packs up for preorder:

KNIGHT RIDER: Imported from Japan we are now offering 1/43 Scale KITT and
KARR die-cast figures at $43.99 each. These are made by Skynet and should
be arriving in November.

NEW NECA PREORDERS: A variety of new items have just gone up

--ASSASSIN'S CREED - ALTAIR - This cool 7" figure is up for preorder at
$12.99 and is part of the Player's Select Video Game lineup

--LEGACY OF KAIN - RAZIEL: No images yet on this figure, but its sure to
be popular - the set of two figures is $24.99

--CHILD'S PLAY, ELVIS, GIZMO & MORE: We've listed HeadKnocker preorders
for Child's Play, Elvis, Stuntman Mike from Grindhouse, an NBX Tiffany
Style Lamp, Christmas Story 20" Leg Lamp, and inflatable Lawn Ornament Leg
Lamp. Check out all the NECA items here:

just been listed at $44.99 each: 501st Legion Trooper, Commander Gree,
and Clone Trooper Helmet. View all the Scaled Helmets here:

TANDEM TWIN - DOG-GIRL ALMA: Yamato continues their popular Tandem Twin
line with the addition of another new mold. Dog-Girl Alma stands nearly
12" tall and features an outfit that appears to be made primarily of dog

MARVEL SUB-CAST STATUES: Spider-Man is currently in stock and we have
preorders listed for Iron Man, Wolverine, and Ghost Rider. Check out
these cool stylized statues here:


(some items may be listed as preorders for a few more hours as the
warehouse continues to check new items into the system)

IPOD CONVOY - TF MUSIC LABEL: In stock now for $144.99 - this cool
all-white Convoy is a functional iPod docking bay with speakers and an AC
power adapter cord. The dimensions of the figure are basically the same
as the G1 prime - take a look at it here:

REAL ACTION HEROES - BOBA FETT: Medicom's latest 12" masterpiece has just
arrived and we have stock available at $169.99. They have done a nice job
with his armor and outfit - everything is very detailed and high quality.

NEW MACROSS VALKYRIES: The brand new VF-0S with Ghost Booster has just
arrived, and we also have restocked the very popular 1/48 Super Max &
Miriya. Check out all the cool valks here:

DC SUPERHEROES: We've just received another shipment of the new Batman
case that includes Clayface, Joker, Catwoman & More - in stock now at only
$59.99 per case - which includes the full set of 6 figures.

FANTASTIC 4 - BUILD-A-FIGURE: Hasbro has just delivered more of these to
us and another restock is on the way if you miss this wave. Set includes
one each of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch, Silver
Surfer, Dr. Doom, Mole Man, and Namor, with all of the pieces to make the
Ronan the Accuser Build-A-Figure! In stock for $89.99

MARVEL ZOMBIES - MARVEL SELECT: Colonel America and Spider-Man in their
undead forms are now in stock for $17.99 each - check them out here:

STAR WARS REPUBLIC COMMANDO GIFTSET: We've just received a restock of
this Internet Exclusive 7 figure giftset - in stock now for $32.99.

TOMY - REAL ACTION DARTH VADER: This cool figure is imported from Japan -
its quite a bit different from the standard action figure. The body is a
'blank' and all of the parts that make Vader who he is attach to the
blank. The quality looks great and it is in stock at $134.99

LUKE FX LIGHTSABER - EPISODE IV: Another great Master Replicas product is
now in stock - the Ep IV Luke features the blue blade and is available for
$15 under MSRP

SIDESHOW STAR WARS BUBO CREATURE PACK: This cool set is a great add-on to
your 12" figure display as all the critters were created in the 1/6 scale.
This batch of critters features a lot of pointy teeth and some extra
eyeballs and ears - in stock now for $38.99

STAR WARS TITANIUM: The latest wave of Titaniums has just arrived and we
have a variety of single figures available here:

GI JOE 25TH - STORM SHADOW & SNAKE EYES: More of these very popular
figures are now back in stock at $6.99 each. This is one of the best
lines of the year - you might want to grab a few extras to save for later.

RUMBLE ROSES - DIXIE CLEMENTS: This figure leaves little to the
imagination and is based off the Dixie character from the Rumble Roses
video game. Imported from Japan and available now for $57.99

SOUL OF CHOGOKIN - GX-04S: The Grendizer and All Speizier set has just
arrived and is available for only $199.99 - another high quality complex
release from Bandai constructed with plenty of Die-Cast.

MICROMAN: Three new Evangelion Microman sets and the new Wecker set have
just arrived - check out all the varous Microman items here:

MANY MORE ITEMS: I have over 8 pages of other new arrivals that we don't
have time to tell you about, but search some of these menus for more new
stuff from: Spider-Man, Death Note, Japanese Beast Wars, Gundam Imported
Action Figures, Mazinger, Harry Potter, Transformers Real Gear, NECA Cult
Classics, TF Movie Items Exclusives, Star Wars Saga 2007, Revoltech,
Chogokin, and much more.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the many new items above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew

Credit(s): Joel of

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Posted by Liege Evilmus on October 5th, 2007 @ 7:59am CDT
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