IDW Solicitations for October

IDW Solicitations for October

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 5:21pm CDT

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Our own clrobe as informed us that IDW solicitations for October have been released at Comics Continuum. Here is the list of Transformers titles that will be coming out in September:


Written by Simon Furman, art by Don Figueroa, covers by Figueroa and Nick Roche.

With the crisis on Cybertron escalating to fever pitch, it falls to The Pack and the earthbound Maximals and Predacons to prevent its descent into chaos and, ultimately, its utter destruction. Too bad then that Razorbeast, now infected with the Angolmois corruption, is Hell-bent on killing them all! The action explodes on two worlds as "the nemesis" makes his presence felt... in world-shattering style.


Written and art by Simon Furman and Ben Yee, art by various, cover by Don Figueroa.

An all-encompassing, unifying resource book highlighting the characters, worlds and technology from all generations and incarnations of Beast Wars with the second volume of this informative collection. From Air Hammer to Wolfang and beyond, and featuring all-new art from a host of the greatest Transformers artists like Don Figueroa, Robby Musso, Nick Roche, Rob Ruffolo, and many more, this is the series that explains everything you need to know about the world of the Beast Wars!


Written by Simon Furman, art by Will Simpson, cover by Nick Roche.

The Dinobot hunt begins here! The Dinobots are unleashed and out of control. Optimus Prime must rally the Autobots in order contain the likes of Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Snarl and Sludge before it is too late and innocent lives are endangered. Nick Roche once again provides an all-new cover re-creating a classic scene from the issue!


Written by Simon Furman, art by E.J. Su, covers by Su and Nick Roche.

Hold on tight and strap yourself in. For the beleaguered Earthbound Autobot Tactical Response Unit, the ride is about to get bumpy. Big time! With Decepticon super-weapon Sixshot meting out the punishment, they're all looking distinctly like an endangered species. And it's not much better for Hot Rod and Wheeljack... who must face the Machination's Headmasters! Seriously.


Written by Simon Furman and Chris Sarracini, art by José Delbo, Don Figueroa and James Raiz, cover by Robby Musso.

Continuing with three tales that span The Transformers 20-plus year reign, this special full-color, 8-1/2" x 11" magazine format collection contains an early Marvel story (issue #56, "Back From The Dead"), the continuing Dreamwave run (Armada #3), and the latest contribution to Transformers lore from IDW (Stormbringer #3). Artist Robby Musso provides a new cover.


Written by Simon Furman, art by E.J. Su, Don Figueroa, Nick Roche, MD Bright, Rob Ruffolo and Robby Musso and a cover by Figueroa.

To get the full story to date of the Transformers' "IDW-verse," look no further than The Transformers: Premiere Edition. At just over 500 pages of non-stop Œbot action, if you only buy one Transformers book ever, this is the one you need! Journey from Cybertron to Earth and back as the Transformers' legendary war spans the galaxy in a quest to return peace to their home planet, and restore harmony between all mechanoids. But while the noble Autobots seek their freedom, the Decepticons await with treacherous plans of their own. Including Infiltration, Stormbringer, a collection of Spotlights (Shockwave, Nightbeat, Hot Rod, Sixshot, Ultra Magnus), and the latest chapter, Escalation. Each book comes with a tip-in plate signed by Furman, Su and Figueroa.

For the rest of IDW's listings check out Comics Continuum. To keep up with all the Transformers comics news check out the Comics Section.

Credit(s): clrobe and Comics Continuum

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Re: IDW Solicitations for October (229893)
Posted by Hotrod on July 18th, 2007 @ 5:29pm CDT
Front paged and credited.
Re: IDW Solicitations for October (229987)
Posted by BigBot on July 18th, 2007 @ 6:14pm CDT
You can get it much cheap at Amazon ... 548&sr=8-1
Re: IDW Solicitations for October (230006)
Posted by i_amtrunks on July 18th, 2007 @ 6:27pm CDT
Another fuoll month of comics. Which is good, July has been too empty.

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