IDW to Reprint Dreamwave and Marvel Transformers Material!

IDW to Reprint Dreamwave and Marvel Transformers Material!

Monday, August 1st, 2005 10:36am CDT

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IDW Editor in Chief Chris Ryall has told Newsarama that beginning in February they will be publishing collections of Dreamwave’s Transformers G1 Comic books! They also have plans to reprint even more Dreamwave and MARVEL Transformers material under the working title of 'Transformers: Generations'. Chris Ryall says:

“It's due to launch in March '06, and in simple terms, will be a ‘best of’ series, offering monthly 32-page comic reprints of many of the best Transformers books from the past, from the Marvel books to Dreamwave’s comics. Remember those Marvel Tales or Marvel's Greatest Comics reprints from the '70s? No? How old am I? Anyway, I remember reading those when I was a kid--that was where I was able to first afford to read the Galactus Saga. Same deal here--many of those old Transformers comics sell for $15-20 per issue. So we'll be offering those up, on better paper than they were ever printed on in the past, for $1.99.

“Let me just say that part again--IDW will be offering a monthly comic for under two bucks.

“We've been hitting various message boards and talking to fans about their favorite past Transformers stories, so I'd definitely say that fan input here will play a big part in what we reprint. In fact, I encourage everyone in this thread to do our work for us... er, I mean, tell us their favorite stories and which ones you'd like to see. Single issues, multi-part arcs, whatever.

“The further plan with these comics is to have some fun with them and have today's artists recreate the old covers in their own styles. I think the biggest thing that TF comics need is to have some fun injected back into them again.”

He also talks of a futher Transformers comicbook series called 'Transformers: Evolution' in which rotating creative teams will each tell their own stand alone stories. See the full article here at

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