IDW's Create a Cover enters Round Two

IDW's Create a Cover enters Round Two

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008 4:52pm CST

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The Second Round of the IDW Publishing Cover competition is now open for voting.

For the second round of Competition, cover creators had to focus on a human character from across the Transformers Multiverse.


Doctor Arkeville has joined forces with the Decepticons, and he’ll settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the Autobots. What secret weapon has he, HOOK and SWINDLE devised that could spell the end for the Autobots, and what does it have to do with the Australian city of Sydney?

Total entries: 9


Circuit Breaker is back and out for vengeance! Determined to destroy every last Transformer, Circuit Breaker may have just bitten off more than she can chew when she squares off against MOTORMASTER and RAZORCLAW at Mount Rushmore. Who will come out on top? And who will never be the same again?

Total entries: 10

Group Three: HUNTER O'NION

Set before the events of Transformers: Infiltration, Hunter O’nion is following up on a lead he’s got on giant alien robots in San Francisco. Will he discover POWERGLIDE and SEASPRAY’s secret? And if so, will he ever be the same again?

Total entries: 12


Marissa Faireborn, BEACHCOMBER and BLUESTREAK are investigating a series of disappearances in the Canadian city of Vancouver in the summertime. What horrible secret will they uncover that could turn the whole world against the Autobots?

Total entries: 10

The entries are now open to be judged, and will remain open Until Monday the 3rd of March 2008. You must be a member of the IDW Forums to vote.

To check out the Entries for each group, click the links below:
Dr Arkeville
Circuit Breaker
Hunter O'Nion
Marissa Faireborn.

Goodluck to all participants!

Credit(s): IDW Publishing

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Re: IDW's Create a Cover enters Round Two (642878)
Posted by i_amtrunks on February 27th, 2008 @ 5:00pm CST
I have to admit that I am heavily impressed with the depiction of Sydney in the Arkeville Images, these guys have got their placements right for just about all the shots, they sure did their research to get the right kind of angles and spacing between the bridge and the Opera Hose. The use of Circular Quay and the Centrepoint tower are right on too.

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