Listings for new Transformers Toys in Wal-Mart Computers

Transformers News: Listings for new Transformers Toys in Wal-Mart Computers

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 8:53PM CDT

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Zobovor of reports finding some listings for new figures in Wal-Mart computers, including new Robot Heroes and Universe figures.

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Chad's query about future Robot Heroes releases got me curious, so I
poked around in the Wal-Mart computer today and I found some listings
for upcoming toys that I didn't know about. Apologies if this is old
news, but I haven't seen any mention of them here yet.

In addition to the Robot Heroes we already know about (Kickback,
Ironhide, Blaster, Thrust, etc.) there were several pairs listed in
the computer I wasn't aware of. Some of the names were truncated so
their identities are not known to me:


Let's break this down. Pitting Snarl against a Sharkticon is strange
and comical since Snarl was the only Dinobot who *didn't* encounter
the Sharkticons at any point, but I sure hope these figures match my
mental picture, because in my head they're super-cute. Thylacine 2000
recently confirmed that Cheetor vs. Tankor was a Beast Machines set
announced at BotCon.

Perceptor and his mystery opponent have me baffled; there are only a
handful of characters whose names start with "Ha-" and none of them
seem appropriate. (I'm holding out for the possibility that it's one
of the generic background Decepticon jets, and that they've
appropriated one of the names I assigned them, like Harbinger or
Hailstorm.) I suppose it could be a brand-new character with a name
like Hacksaw, but that wouldn't make sense in the Robot Heroes toy
line. (Han Solo? Harvey Birdman? Hamburglar? Half-Assed Homage?)

Anyway... I wonder if Tigatron vs. Inferno includes a recycled version
of Robot Heroes Cheetor (an accurate version of Tigatron would have a
new head sculpt, but who knows what they'll do). Ricochet seems like
an odd choice (redeco of Jazz?) but if that's Predaking he comes with,
I'll be delighted to no end. Super Optimus vs. RiD Megatron was also
confirmed at BotCon. Prowl vs. Laserbeak will be fun, I think.
Optimus vs. Jetstorm is apparently another Beast Machines set; why are
they wasting time with these when they could be doing figures of
characters who *didn't* get Hasbro toys, like the Diagnostic Drone?
Victory Saber is a surprising choice, but it'll make the Japanese fans
happy. Wonder who he comes with. Deszaras? (Wonder how they'll
romanize his name?)

Here's some other stuff I didn't know about, but I don't know if it's
already been reported elsewhere. The cross-reference for the
Transformers Classics series (Sunstreaker, Prowl, Tankor, etc.) also
includes a listing for DX CHEETOR, DX AUTOBOT, DX CYCLONUS, DX HOT
SHOT, and DX STARSCREA. The Autobot listing is probably short for
Jazz or Hound or somebody, but the non-G1 characters seem like odd
choices. Is Starscream just going to be a repack of the Classics 1.0
toy, or something else?

The Ultra scale assortment (the one that will have Onslaught,
Silverbolt, and Powerglide) also had a cross-reference in the computer
for SCOURGE and somebody called STORM C. What's that short for (Storm
Cloud?), and who's he supposed to be?

The Deluxe scale Animated toys had listings for an ARCEE SLEEK CAR (I
knew an Arcee toy was coming; I just think the description is funny,
like they're going out of their way to point out that she's not a
spider or a motorcycle) and also a TRA ELECTROSTATIC S. That's quite
a mouthful; is that supposed to be a character's name?

The Transformers Crossover series had listings for MVL TRA CRSSOVR
THIN. The first three are evidently Captain America, Human Torch, and
Wolverine, but who's the fourth one?

Finally, I found the Transformers Universe Legends toys in the system
(and apparently my store's got 24 of them in stock somewhere, but I
haven't seen any of 'em yet). There were listings for Onslaught, Red
Alert, Starscream, Hound, Autobot Jazz, Megatron, Optimus Prime,
Bumblebee, Prowl, Beachcomber, Brawn, Cosmos, Rodimus, Wheelie, and
Warpath. Are these all supposed to be redeco versions of existing
Legends class toys, or are there going to be any designed specifically
to represent the G1 characters? (I can't believe they're doing
another version of Wheelie! That's crazy!) These are going to retail
for only $4.44 so I'm thinking I may end up buying quite a few of
Credit(s): Zobovor,
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