Madman Entertainment to hold 10 hour sale on November 4th!

Madman Entertainment to hold 10 hour sale on November 4th!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006 3:54am CST

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We have recieved a tip from N_Cluber that Madman Entertainment will be having a 10 hour sale on November 4th. So for our Australian members, now is the time to stock up on some great movies and some of the best Transformers DVD box sets available! However, the forthcoming Beast Wars Season 3 and the Best of G1 will not be a part of this sale.

Madman's Crazy 10th Anniversary $10 a Disc Online Sale!!

There is a reason they call us Mad, and why not - it's our 10th Anniversary, and we want to share the insanity, so we've saved the best birthday surprise for last - try this on for size:

On November 4th, all Madman discs in our online store from 10pm are $10 for 10 hours!

Madman fans, your moment has come! This is a once in a decade sale, for ALL DVD items, including Anime, Eastern Eye, Directors Suite, Sports and TV. In true Anime style you could call it a Supa-powa-deca-MAD-insane sale! Or just shout "BARGAINS DESU!" repeatedly!

You've got under a week to plan your purchases, so hop on the site and check it out, but please bear in mind this important fine print:

The sale is $10 PER DISC - for example a 7 disc Collection will be $70. Only valid for IN-STOCK ITEMS. Preorders will not count. Please allow for additional processing and delivery time after the sale.

How do you take part in this madness? Just login after 10pm on November 4 and all eligible items will be discounted! For an overview, view the sale page below!


View the 10th Anniversary sale information on their website here!

Credit(s): N_Cluber

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