Megatron IS a tank in the Live Action Movie...and more!

Megatron IS a tank in the Live Action Movie...and more!

Sunday, February 6th, 2005 2:41am CST

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Don Murphy has answered more questions about the live action movie! Check out all the new tidbits by checking out his board here or read the information for yourself right here at!

Don Murphy has answered the following questions about the script:

Q: Is Bludgeon in it?

Q: Do ANY characters choose or just end up NOT adopting Earth alt modes, keeping their Cybertronian alt-mode instead of using an Earth alt mode, while on Earth?
A: No

Q: Will Megatron be a tank?
A: Yes

Q: Does a gestalt make an appearance?
Lamest question ever!

Q: Will Soundwave have minions?
A: Yes

Q: Do more than 4 Autobots and Decepticons appear in this movie?
A: Yes

Q: Don will ratchet be a ambulance!
A: This was answered by John in his original posting here.
Ratchet is still the medic
I believe he is more like a firetruck but those trucks that help people and crap.

Q: Has anyone on this forum yet guessed what Soundwave's alt-mode will be?

Q: 1. Nick Stahl is cool. You think so too. Is there a part in this that he could play(cough Spike cough)?
2. Do Transformers identified by name die?
Joint answer: Yes

Go over and read John's Blog.

What no one is REALLY getting is that this film is NOT entirely what you are expecting.
We are NOT doing a cartoon.
We are NOT doing CGI.
We ARE doing a real live action film with CGI in it.
It IS an origin film.
You will get many injokes and you will love the characters and the action.
John does NOD to the comics and the series
BUT it is designed to make $400 million which means people will groove on it who have never heard of TF before and think that you guys are cool for liking TF.

So start thinking THAT way and you will really be pleased.

He also mentions that Spielberg will "chime in" next week.

Credit(s): Don Murphy

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