More Info on Transformers 3 Filming in Chicago

Transformers News: More Info on Transformers 3 Filming in Chicago

Thursday, June 24th, 2010 12:19PM CDT

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The Chicago Tribune has an article online talking about Transformers 3. The article talks a lot about the film, and local trafic concerns in Chicago. Read the whole thing at the Chicago Tribune, click here.

The “Transformers 3” news conference held Wednesday at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications wasn't meant to stir up interest in the film, which will shoot in Chicago from July 10-Aug. 19, but to prepare the general public.

For what? Jets flying by Willis Tower? Cars plummeting into the Chicago River? Shia LaBeouf's awkward return to the Walgreens on North Michigan Avenue?

Nope. Traffic.

OEMC Executive Director Jose Santiago said the closures on LaSalle Street (8 p.m. July 9 to 5 a.m. July 12), the Michigan Avenue bridge (8 p.m. July 16 to 5 a.m. July 19) and Upper Wacker Drive (9 p.m. July 18 to 5 a.m. July 22) will have the most impact on traffic. He added that most of the movie's filming in Chicago will take place during daylight.

“It's an ambitious production … but we and the producers are committed to mitigating the disruptions and addressing community concerns,” said Chicago Film Office Director Rich Moskal.

What can Chicagoans expect from filming — besides traffic?

Moskal said recently a few “scenes they're planning could match if not exceed the spectacular stuff ‘The Dark Knight' production pulled off.”

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Credit(s): Chicago Tribune
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Re: More Info on Transformers 3 Filming in Chicago (1090001)
Posted by Swiftknife24 on June 24th, 2010 @ 1:49pm CDT
Where I live, there are traffic disruptions in the city centre and there have been for months and will be there for months to come! We didn't get any conference!

(Oh yeah, of course, because film-makers outside the UK haven't heard of anywhere over here apart from London...)

Sorry, just a silly rant, resulting of many things that annoy me about stuff!

Anyway, the fact that he's adamant about the action matching 'The Dark Knight' seems interesting...Though, since 'The Dark Knight' had a relatively small amount of actual action sequences might make the comment valid! :lol: (Unless quality comes into the question...After all, we could see what was actually going on with Nolan's camera-work! Hehe)
Re: More Info on Transformers 3 Filming in Chicago (1090301)
Posted by Blackstreak on June 25th, 2010 @ 9:09am CDT
For as often as Hollywood films in Chicago you'd think they are use to it by now. It's not like traffic ISN'T clogged there anyways.

On a personal note, I'll never drive around Chicago, too hectic for my nerves without a movie being filmed there.
Re: More Info on Transformers 3 Filming in Chicago (1090336)
Posted by JBPrime on June 25th, 2010 @ 10:31am CDT
Where they are filming isn't too far from where I work, but I really don't want to be up around 8pm-5am downtown. Outside of seeing alt-modes, is there anything that would be worth trying to see?

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