More News about Titanium Transformers and Movie News

More News about Titanium Transformers and Movie News

Monday, June 26th, 2006 9:59am CDT

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Kickback of TFW2005 has posted another update about information of upcoming Transformers releases. This time Kickback reports more Titanium releases and Movie information. Kickback's post also includes a possible movie scene spoiler. Here is what Kickback posted:

"This is it. The final installation of our Slow News Day series. People love this opportunity everytime I post upcoming news because if I'm wrong, they'll never forget it -- but when I'm right, they're no where in sight to be found.

I'll eventually reveal WHERE I got this information, but I won't reveal from whom, or any specifics.

Here's the juice.

6" Titanium Transforming Characters
- War Within Optimus Prime (known about)
- Megatron (known about)
- War Within Jetfire (known about)
- G1 Scourge (known about)
- War Within Thundercracker (known about)
- Optimus Primal (orange and blue ... BM? Optimal Optimus?)
- Rodimus Prime
- Soundwave
- Starscream
- Cheetor
- The Fallen
- Ultra Magnus
- Megatron

3" Titanium
- Hot Rod
- Thundercracker
- Galvatron
- G1 Prime
- Cliffjumper (repaint)
- Sunstreaker
- Soundwave
- War Within Prime

There are more listings, but I'll get in to that in a moment.

Transformers the Movie
I don't know how much of this I can go in to. I have exact descriptions of certain scenes, I have names of characters (based on toy listings), and I have licensing information. But I'll start with the little stuff.

Your Transformers Movie Headquarters is...

Target! Apparently they had a choice between choosing Spiderman-3 (now a Hasbro toy property?) or Transformers, and Target chose to go with Transformers. They will be the place to get things like Transformers gift cards, and stuff with Transformers all over. Think back to things like the original Spiderman, Star Wars Ep 2 and 3, and The Hulk. That kind of promotion stuff going on.

Apparently you can't put the Transformers name on your product without adhering to a certain agreement -- your product has to have the ablility to "transform" ... think sweatshirt with the ability to transform in to a hoody, or something to that effect.

As for movie scenes?


Optimus Prime/Starscream chase scene, through a busy street. Lots of transforming, leaping over cars, transforming back. Apparently you get scenes like Transformers fighting on city buildings, blowing up, shooting through buildings, typical Michael Bay stuff. Bumblebee starts as a 74 Camaro, eventually turns in to a 07 (or 08?) Camaro, the frist new model in awhile. GM is planning to promote this new Camaro through Transformers quite a bit ... can we say Alternators Bumblebee? (speculation) A couple of these scenes seem to mimic the script Tony B reviewed awhile back, FYI

The first toys listed for the Transformers movie are all in the 3" Titanium line. Heard a whisper (NOT CONFIRMED) that Soundwave is OUT of the movie altogether now, not even Soundbyte. Again, NOT CONFIRMED.

And that's it! No, I won't tell you the toy names. So don't ask.


Credit(s): Kickback of TFW2005

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