Movie Script Writer Roberto Orci posts again!

Movie Script Writer Roberto Orci posts again!

Thursday, June 1st, 2006 5:36pm CDT

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After saying his goodbye last month on the Don Murphy Board last month, script writer of the Transformers movie now being shot, could not stay away for long and has decided to post here again. With his return he made several comments. Following are some excerpts from his posts on the forum.

"I can tell you this: If you saw Optimus Prime in a police line-up among other Transformers of every sort, YOU WOULD KNOW WHICH ONE WAS OPTIMUS"

"without confirming or denying anything about a teaser trailer, I can say that it will rock! If there is one"

"i think a lot of fan questions (I include myself in that) about tone and personality, and human to tf ratio, etc, will start t to be answered as we se the movie being cut together.

The script is a plan, but the movie is the execution. The better we get as writers (assuming we're getting better), the more we feel that what we are writing on the page will translate appropriately to the screen. But you never know till you see it.

It's also why script leaks can be misleading. Alex and I are still learning how to read scripts in terms of imagining them on the screen. It's a skill that has to be learned.

anyway... like that.

But I'm optimistic."

"I may have said it before, but as far as script changes go, the script is not done for me and Alex until the movie is locked, which is months and months after shooting has wrapped. And I guess we're luck y that way. Once a script is written, writers are often thanked and dismissed and the machine takes it completely over. But that has not been our experience with Dreamworks or Paramount and I think/hope the movie will be better for it".

"I guess all I can say is that IF you see Soundwave, he will be the closer to the one you know and love than any of the rumors would lead you to believe"

"Michael was indeed telling you the truth when he said that the names aren't decided yet"


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