New Bios for Titanium, Cybertron, Mini-con and Alternators!

New Bios for Titanium, Cybertron, Mini-con and Alternators!

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006 5:56am CDT

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Destro of TFW2005 has posted the following Transfomers Bios on the 2005 boards:

THUNDERCRACKER was so named because of his unique sonic abilities. Even at low altitudes and speeds, he is able to force super-compressed air pulses through his engine intakes, giving him a burst of acceleration and generating a focused sonic boom that can shatter reinforced glass and deafen unprotected audio receptors. He is further able to modulate his sonic booms to affect the sensory response processors of enemy targets, causing panic and fear.
Recruited to the DECEPTICON cause by MEGATRON himself and assigned to the elite Seeker squadron under STARSCREAM, THUNDERCRACKER proved himself to be a deadly and effective warrior, both on CYBERTRON and Earth. Working alongside fellow Seeker SKYWARP, he attacked and destroyed the AUTOBOT stronghold at Altihex, and nearly succeeded in destroying Protihex as well. Detailed die-cast metal THUNDERCRACKER figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back! Figure comes with display stand."

Before the Great War between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS broke out, JETFIRE was a partner and friend to STARSCREAM. The two were as close as brothers; the one as calm, rational and slow to anger as the other was jealous, erratic and arrogant. When STARSCREAM joined the DECEPTICONS in attacking the AUTOBOT held cities of CYBERTRON, JETFIRE was slow to choose sides. He was hesitant to join in the slaughter of the largely defenseless AUTOBOTS, but did not want to take up arms against someone he'd considered a friend.
When the full extent of the treachery of the DECEPTICONS became clear, however, JETFIRE joined the AUTOBOTS without reservation. The anger he felt at his betrayal by STARSCREAM never waned. He fought his former friend at every turn. The sky over many a battlefield filled with fire as the two master fliers engaged in dogfight after dogfight, neither ever completely destroying the other. Detailed die-cast metal JETFIRE figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back! Figure comes with display stand."

When the MINI-CON Council of Sages was originally formed, effort was made to represent the views of all MINI-CON robots. That is how OVERBITE and his teammates DIVEBOMB and WIDELOAD came to sit on the Council. OVERBITE is a vicious robot, with a firm belief in MINI-CON supremacy, who sees the DECEPTICONS as means to great power. His hope has always been to trick GALVATRON into a war of escalation that would leave the larger TRANSFORMERS weakened enough for MINI-CON forces to wipe them out completely.
The oldest member of the MINI-CON Council of Sages, and a firm believer in peace, SWOOP is far smarter than he looks. It is this fact that has helped him last as long on the Council as he has. He believes that any situation can be resolved without violence. He is a master diplomat who uses dialogue, flattery and deception the way a more militant robot uses a laser cannon – to break down an opponent's defenses, destroy his position, and emerge victorious. The current battle between the rebels and the Council upsets him, but even as his friends TRACKS and SLEDGE direct the military response, he works to reach a peaceful resolution. Awesome OVERBITE and SWOOP figures change from robots to vehicles and back again!

"Quick thinking and manipulative, DIVEBOMB is distrusted by friend and ally alike. He is the dealmaker of the pro-DECEPTICON side of the Council of Sages. He believes that even the most honorable MINI-CON has secrets, and he makes it his job to root out those secrets and use them to his advantage. Though he acts wounded when accused of it, blackmail is actually his favorite pastime. When his typical tactics don't work, of course, he has no problem resorting to more direct modes of persuasion, usually involving missiles.
TRACKS is a study in opposites. Though he is physically very slow moving, his mind is incredibly quick. Despite the fact that he is capable of bringing incredible brute force to bear on any argument, he prefers to out think his enemies. Often clumsy in daily life, he displays an uncanny grace on the battlefield. As supreme commander of the Council military, he is a brilliant military strategist, but he would rather solve disputes peacefully, keeping military action as a last resort. He is a firm believer that the MINI-CON robots, DECEPTICONS and AUTOBOTS are all one people, and hopes that one day they will all live in harmony together. Awesome DIVEBOMB and TRACKS figures change from robots to vehicles and back again!"

Back on CYBERTRON™, SMOKESCREEN was considered a practical joker. Always ready with a gag and a laugh, he kept the mood light, even when the struggle against the black hole looked hopeless. Since the fight against the DECEPTICONS on Earth heated up though, his talent for trickery has been turned against the enemy. More than one DECEPTICON has been stuck in traffic at a series of nonfunctioning toll booths on a remote road in the middle of the desert

Though he was initially frustrated by the mutation of his body caused by the chaotic influence of the Jungle Planet Key, MEGATRON has come to enjoy the terror of the residents of the Jungle Planet at his powerful jaw and razor sharp teeth, and the shake of the ground at his every step. Now, he crashes through the jungle, swatting giant trees aside with his powerful tail, blazing a path of destruction so complete that OPTIMUS PRIME can't help but notice. He can't wait to feel the AUTOBOT leader struggling in his crushing jaw.
Detailed figure changes from robot warrior to menacing beast and back again! Features awesome CYBER PLANET KEY-activated features like a firing missile, and its tail becomes an attack whip in robot mode! Figure comes with CYBER PLANET KEY. ".

"A twist here, and a turn there and you'll find this amazing robot figure changes into a Honda Civic Si vehicle! This model features a detailed interior and working pile drivers. You can even open the hatchback!

Credit(s): Destro of the 2005 boards

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