New Information Regarding Transformers Classics and Titanium

New Information Regarding Transformers Classics and Titanium

Saturday, June 24th, 2006 1:56am CDT

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Kickback of has recieved some new information on forthcoming Transformers Classics and Titanium releases. The source wishes to remain anonymous, but Kickback asures us this is 'the real deal'.

He writes:

Transformers Classics
- Cliffjumper
- Ramjet

I do not know their size. I do not know if Cliffjumper is a redeco or a repaint. Same goes for Ramjet. All I know is they are listed as upcoming products in the Classics line. No, nothing about a Skywarp or Thundercracker. Sorry

- Grimlock

I've seen a couple pictures. Color sheet that was shown a few weeks back looks pretty spot-on. Looks to be pretty posable, even in T-Rex form. Overall, if you can get past the different transformation (from what we've seen in pictures and the color sheet) from what we're used to, he should be a pretty good figure.

- Mirage

The best way to describe his robot mode is to have you think Energon Prowl, but not so kiddy-feeling. He does resemble G1 Mirage in vehicle mode, but he looks more like Energon Prowl in robot mode. Not sure on posability, picture was pretty small

- Jetfire

This figure could be the best figure in the line. If you enjoyed the G1 style for the jet mode, you're in luck - it's pretty much the same, even with the extra red armor/weaponry thingy whatever (I do not own a G1 Jetfire). In robot mode, he resembles mostly the G1 toy, but does have what feels like a G1 cartoon chest. Apparently he has two heads/faces? (like in War Within, a "battle mask" or whatever, so he has both cartoon and G1 toy faces/heads). Not entirely sure, couldn't tell in the picture, was actually told that.

- Mini-Cons

They're in Transformers Classics packaging. But I'm not sure if they are considered "Classics" figures, or if Hasbro is just continuing the Mini-Con releases but in Classics packaging. Most of everything coming out this fall is in the same Classics packaging, so it's hard to say. The name Nightscream was mentioned as one of the Mini-Cons. Something else about a tank, helicopter, and a boat? Again, I'm not sure, that was word of mouth, no pictures.

Transformers Titanium

The most notable figures coming out are in the 6" transformable portion of the line. I only recall a few of them and will have to double check on the rest, but here's what I got.

6" Transformable
- Optimus Primal
- Cheetor
- Ultra Magnus
- Someone from War Within? Checking...

Names listed, unsure of size
- Rodimus
- Galvatron
- Sunstreaker
- Predaking

I saw a picture of the 6" Scourge. He is G1. He does look just like the cartoon, colors and everything. And I have to agree with those who have mentioned they've seen it - he looks awesome.

That's all I have for today.


Transformers Attatix, Star Wars Transformers, and the end of Transformers Cybertron.

See kickbacks original thread for more information here at TFW2005.

Update from Kickback:

"I can't believe I forgot this - the new Titanium 6" War Within figure is The Fallen."

This update came from: this thread.


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