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Transformers News: New Magazine Info at Fan2Fan

Tuesday, February 1st, 2005 5:08PM CST

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Fan2Fan has updated with info a number of updates from Japanese Magazines:

In February, GF will focus on Speedia:

some background info were revealed, with highways and roads spanning across the planet, everything is decided through speed duels. The ranking of the warrior will be determine by his speed and Nitro Convoy is the governor of this planet.

Also, the versus sets will not be featured in the show, but the characters may have cameos.

A bit more on Flame Convoy:

Official picture of the third Convoy now revealed, Flame Convoy, said he used to have a vehicle mode just like other Cybertronians but he gave that up to take a beast alternate form. More details and info on the planet which this Dragon Decepticon comes from as well as his background will be reveal next issue.[of Hyper Hobby]

We've also mirrored the scans here:

Nitro Convoy, including his "auto-transform" feature
Other new releases: Inch Up, Fast Aid, Autolander, Skids
Versus Packs (in robot mode)
Flame Convoy (final paint scheme)
MP-02 Magnus
BT-11 Ravage
SuperLink #10 DVD Cover
Cartoon Appearance of the new release
Race between Master Megatron and Nitro Convoy
More animated images
A clearer image of the race, with Exellion involved.
Credit(s): Fan2Fan
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