New Photos and Videos from Transformers 2 Set in Philadelphia

New Photos and Videos from Transformers 2 Set in Philadelphia

Friday, June 13th, 2008 6:58pm CDT

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New member jfuller has dropped by with some new photos and videos from the filming of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen at the University of Pennsylvania, along with a detailed set report (be warned, for it may contain spoilers)

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And see all the photos and videos in jfuller's original thread here: /energonpub/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=40880

Ok guys first off just wanted to say hi, I've been a lurker of this board since before the first movie came out, I just never had anything really to add until today.

This is gonna be a long post sorry, but its worth it and has spoilers.

I was an extra yesterday down at UPENN's castle filming a scene. I was in one of the party scenes. I had to get fitted with jeans and a button down dress shirt, we all were and Shia was wearing dark jeans and a black button down shirt. In the scene which they shot 3 times from different angles Shia was sitting on an old wooden chair when this girl in a green short dress (who I thought was an extra) was dancing in front of him and kept leaning into him. Thats it for the scene I was in but there is a lot more to it. After I was done for the day I met a friend of mine who brought his wife, 9 yr old child, and a friend. Now my friend has a really nice camera, semi professional looking camera one of those Nikon SLR or something well anyways he got some great shots of Bay and Shia during the day, when he sends them to me Ill send them your way. Well I meet up with him and they are waiting right by Shia's car since it wasn't blocked off, and Bay's SUV was in front of his. The crew of Tf2 was great, they came over to us and gave out free water and iced cream too. Well it was right before 9pm when we heard they were breaking for dinner so we figured we'd get a shot of Shia by his car then. Besides us the only people near us were a bunch of teenage girls waiting for Shia. We noticed Shia walking by himself away from his car so we started to follow, he went into a student union type building and was just sitting inside. We could see him fine since the whole front of the building was windows. Well my buddy's son waiting in front of the door for him to come out and get his autograph. After about 15 minutes Shia comes out looks right at my buddy than covers his face and runs inside, than we see he run through the building (we could see him because the building was all windows, than the fool opens and jumps out a first floor window to get away, than runs to his car and keeps his head down. I'm guessing he saw my buddy's camera and thought he was paparazzi but either way that was not cool at all. Bay on the other hand was awesome, he was signing autographs, and posing for pics.

We were just hanging around since we heard they were filming some scenes with Bumblebee and we saw the trailer he was in all night, well some cop was nice enough to tell us they were filming bumblebee's scenes at 32nd and Chestnut so we walked over there. Sure enough there was bumblebee all covered up, in the street. After waiting a little bit the rest of the crew showed. Bumblebee's driver started racing down the street doing peel outs and 180's, than they started filming it. They kept on yelling at everyone no pictures, and you can hear in some of my videos them saying it. Well while I was filming it I noticed the girl in the short green dress from before was standing all by herself. I figured I'd get a picture of her since she is obviously going to be important in the movie and since I havent seen anyone posting a pic of her at all. Well as I filmed Bumblebee one last time I turned to film her and sure enough she was gone. I looked down the road and she was now filming a scene with Shia getting out of BumbleBee. So this girl in green has a pretty big role. Sorry for it being so long but think its worth it. Here are a pic of BumbleBee's trailer, and Bay's film car called "Pursuit". Also a bunch of videos of BumbleBee.

Credit(s): jfuller

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