New product update from BigBadToyStore including Robot Masters info

Transformers News: New product update from BigBadToyStore including Robot Masters info

Wednesday, August 25th, 2004 11:18PM CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some
great new arrivals and many cool new pre-orders! The new arrivals are
mentioned first and the pre-orders are towards the bottom of this email.

STIKFAS: The Classic Alpha Male Blister Pack figures have arrived and
sets of 5 different colored figures (white, yellow, red, green, blue) are
available for $22.99! The new G2 style Alpha male sets have also arrived,
sets of 3 (one each of: Red, Yellow, Green) are available for $14.99
each. The 'Lite' sets of Ninjas and Baseball players will be here in mid
September. Pre-Orders for the Classic Alpha and G2 figures will be
processed soon!

figure has finally arrived, also availabe is 12" Abe Sapien and 12"
Kroenen. The 1/4 scale polystone statue of the 'Right Fist of Doom' is
now in stock for $22.99 and we have the 1:1 size foam Right Fist of Doom
available for $184.99. The new Fife and Drum Revolutionary War figures
have arrived - Continental Delaware Regiment and Redcoat 64th Regiment are
each priced at $41.99. The Chief Wiggum Simpsons bust has also arrived.

ROBOTECH: More of the Masterpiece Alpha #1 Scott Bernard have arrived.
This is the first of 4 Alpha Masterpiece figures that have been announced,
pre-orders are availbe for the remaining three and all are priced at
$79.99 each.

SPORTS PICKS - NFL 8: Another wave of Sports Picks figures have arrived!
We've dropped prices on the normal figures to $8.99 and $9.99 - and we
have 4 variants back in stock including: Tim Brown, Ahmad Green, Tory Holt
- Old Rams Uniform, and Jamal Lewis - all in alternate jerseys

VINTAGE DEPARTMENT: The Vintage department has listed over 400 Toy Biz
items from the mid 1990's - a varity of comic based figures and also some
Star trek and Spawn figures. Be sure to take a look at the vintage menu
from time to time, items are added daily.


MASTER REPLICA: Mace Windu FX Saber (Pre-Orders processed soon)
ELVIS: McFarlane's Elvis 2 figure is on the Spawn & More Menu - $12.99
STAR WARS OTC: More Basic OTC figures have been restocked
PALISADES: A few more Ultra Magnus Statues have arrived
GI JOE BOOK: 'Now you Know' - a GI Joe comic and cartoon Guide


MICROMAN: An awesome new selection of Microman pre-orders has been
listed, no pictures yet, but the figures sound great: 4 Predator figures,
Alien Warrior, Alien Queen; Godzilla, Kingidora, AX-21 AquaPhantom, AX-22
AquaGolem, AL-21 & AL-22 Acro Ladies, Megaro & Jetjaguar, and the Military
Force set of 8!

TAKARA: Binaltech BT-06b - A BLUE version of the BT-06 Tracks Corvette
will be released at the end of the year by Takara - $54.99

MACROSS: 1/100 Scale Koenig Monster - awesome looking figure - $149.99

TAKARA: Robotmasters RM-20 Lioconvoy has been listed and pictures (some
are just prototype pictures) for the RM-15 through RM-19 have been posted.

SIDESHOW-WETA LORD OF THE RINGS: More great looking statues and busts
from Weta - Gothmog on Warg Statue, 1/4 Scale Sauron Helm, Mouth of Sauron
Bust, 4 new helms and 4 new Troll Maquettes - all very nice looking
pieces. Sideshow limits the number we can purchase from them, so these
may not last long! All items are due out in 2005

SOTA TOYS: World of Warcraft set of 3 and 'Now Playing' Set of 3. The
'Now Playing' Line is planned up through series 5 already - Sota Toys has
secured licenses from 20 different movie properties. The first wave
includes Toxie from The Toxic Avenger as well as figures from Darkman and
American Werewolf in London - $32.99 per set of 3

STAR WARS: 2 new case assortments for the OTC basic figures have been
listed - the Wave 'A00D' assortment will have 12 all new figures for
$79.99 and the 'A00B' assortment has 10 new figures (many of which are in
the 'A00D' set, but a few new ones that are not. Also available is the
Unleashed Wave 11 Set of 5 - this is a re-release wave of figures from
Unleashed 7, 8, and 10.

GI JOE: Valor vs. Venom Wave 6 set of 6 is available for $44.99 and we
have also listed a pre-order for the two new 3-pack figure sets coming out
in the next few months.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out the new items and pre-orders


Joel & The BBTS Crew
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