New Transformers Listings From China

New Transformers Listings From China

Friday, April 9th, 2004 2:38am CDT

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Tankor_cn of has posted some information on some new TF´s to the boards. The information was sourced from Hasbro´s Chinese distributors, and makes interesting reading.


81300 81304 Chevy Corvette Z-06

81305 2004 Mazda RX-8

81312 Jeep Wrangler Re-deco

----- Honda s2000

Energon Basic

80250 80243 Raptor 2 (Redeco)

Energon Deluxe

80270 80954 Tow-Line-Autobot van

80247 Downshift-Car

80246 Sharkticon-Unicron Warrior Spaceship

80954 Treadshot-Autobot van

Energon Mega

80450 80255 Cliff Jumper - Dune Racer

80257 Shockblast - Military

----- Dino

80620 Redeco Dune Racer

80630 Optimus Limbs

80261 Alpha Quintesson

Energon Ultra

80290 80956 Bulkhead - Helicopter

----- Landmine 2

----- Helicopter re-deco

Energon Super

80300 80308 Galvatron


Universe Deluxe

80900 80910 Fireflight with Thunderwing and Firebot

80957 Cyberjets

80960 Blurr

----- Ramulus

Universe Ultra

80935 80950 Autobot Whirl and Gunbarrel and Makeshift

80949 Stampede Maximus with Stockade and Thunderwing and Makeshift

80958 Soundwave and Spacecase

80952 Long Haul and Hightower

80953 Bonecrusher and Scavenger

80948 Cybershark with Buzzclaw

----- Sonar

----- Optimus Minor

----- Optimus Primal

----- Thrustor


80445 80390 Red Alert w/Starscream

----- Ultra Magnus

----- Ransack

----- Minicon Blackout

----- Cyclonus

----- Minicon Crumplezone

Some interesting developments indeed. You can join the dicussion on these at the Energon Pub.

Credit(s): tankor_cn, tfw2005 boards

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