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Transformers News: New Transformers Toy Bios

Sunday, December 31st, 2006 1:52PM CST

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DESTRO of TFW2005 has posted some new information about upcoming Transformers toys. He has posted several new bios for some upcoming toys. Here they are:


No commander could ask for a finer soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a total soldier – highly intelligent and deadly dangerous, but with a fervent desire for peace and a willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of a cause or his fellow AUTOBOTS. The death of Sentinel Prime sent him into a tailspin. Certainly the AUTOBOTS hadn't been winning the war, but the pace of their losses had slowed. The hope of a rally was just over the horizon when MEGATRON pulled the AUTOBOT leader's spark core from his ruined body. To hear that Optronix had been passed the mantle of leadership – made OPTIMUS PRIME - was simply another, greater shock. The archivist? ULTRA MAGNUS is on the other side of CYBERTRON, literally a world away from his new leader. As the DECEPTICONS continue slaughtering their way around the globe, he and his men wait for word from OPTIMUS PRIME, hoping only that the new leader proves equal to the challenge of the diabolical will to conquest of MEGATRON. Detailed die-cast metal ULTRA MAGNUS figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back!


Deep within the laboratory of the DECEPTICON genius SHOCKWAVE, SUNSTORM languishes in a sealed cryogenic regeneration chamber. His body covered in rare electrum to protect him from the furious energies boiling from his internal fusion reactors and his mind held in stasis lock, he is fierce potentiality held barely in check. Though SUNSTORM is a clone of the famous air warrior STARSCREAM, SHOCKWAVE has made a number of modifications to his systems. His weapon systems have been upgraded to take advantage of the huge amount of energy produced by the twin tokamak reactors spinning in his torso, each arm cannon delivering the force of a small nuke with a single shot. His mind has been simplified, streamlined, and stripped of the extraneous ego and ambition that so cripples STARSCREAM. He is a pure creature, built the way all TRANSFORMERS would have been had SHOCKWAVE been their designer. He waits, silent and still, for the stimulus that will drive him into action. Detailed die-cast metal SUNSTORM figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back!

Ultra Magnus G1 6 inch Diecast

No AUTOBOT is more pure a soldier than ULTRA MAGNUS. He is a supreme battlefield commander who combines an encyclopedic knowledge of pure tactics with a talent for improvisation that allows him instant and total control over almost any combat situation. When other AUTOBOTS look at the tide of battle and see a lost cause, he displays a sixth sense for knowing what chances to take and when to pull victory from the certain jaws of defeat. Only rarely do his guesses prove wrong. He is a brave, capable warrior with no interests outside of his command, and no will or desire except victory for the AUTOBOTS. Detailed die-cast metal ULTRA MAGNUS figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back! Figure comes with display stand.

Megatron WarWithin 6 inch Diecast

For years he waited. For years he planned. For years he sat in the shadows of the arena in Kaon watching as TRANSFORMERS fought and died. As the taste for destruction grew within those who fought, he sowed the seeds of his own rise to power, and the subjugation of CYBERTRON. Those who proved themselves worthy through a talent for viciousness or simple, raw power, he recruited. No more would they call themselves TRANSFORMERS. Now they are DECEPTICONS. When the time came, his DECEPTICONS rose up all over the planet. In that first lightning strike, thousands ceased functioning. So far, all of his planning has gone perfectly. Before his assaults, the AUTOBOTS are helpless, capable of fighting only long enough to barely manage a retreat to the next fallback position. All the while, his plan progresses. The AUTOBOTS will be destroyed utterly, MEGATRON thinks, the universe subjugated beneath my immortal heel, and the history of my conquest read by the flickering flames of a thousand burning civilizations. Detailed die-cast metal MEGATRON figure changes from warrior robot to monster vehicle and back! Figure comes with a shield and a display stand.

RamJet Classics

The DECEPTICONS are known for fielding their craziest warriors in the skies, but RAMJET really outclasses them all. He's a born flier who loves nothing more than crashing. Sure, he's got a whole rack of concussion missiles and argon lasers strong enough to vaporize a DINOBOT, but he'd rather skip all that nonsense and just smash head first into his targets – and anything else that gets in his way. He's just as likely to smash his allies out of the way as he is to destroy any AUTOBOTS in his path, but watching him plow through a battlefield is so fun that MEGATRON keeps him around anyway. Awesome robot-to-jet figure features twin laser cannons with firing projectiles and flip-down landing gear in jet mode! Add this DECEPTICON warrior to your collection!

CliffJumper classics

Don't be fooled by his small size: CLIFFJUMPER is as tough as they come. Always spoiling for a fight, just hearing the word DECEPTICON is enough to get him riled up. He carries a unique gas-pistol that fires a cloud of nano-robots capable of making DECEPTICON armor as brittle as glass, but he'd almost always rather just toss his weapons aside and start swinging. More than one DECEPTICON warrior has ended up with a busted grill from underestimating CLIFFJUMPER. He may not be very strong, but no one is more determined. Awesome robot-to-cruiser vehicle figure features a Wave Crusher watercraft and trailer that convert to a jet pack in robot mode!

Cliffjumper 3 inch

Twenty-five tons of courage in a one-ton package – that's CLIFFJUMPER. He's the short guy who's so ready for a fight that even inanimate objects shaped like DECEPTICONS get him fired up enough to start kicking tailpipe. To him, "negotiation" is just another word for "loser," and "retreat" is something the other guy does. No one has any idea what CLIFFJUMPER is going to do with himself once the war is over and there aren't any more DECEPTICONS to blast. Poseable, die-cast metal figure is an awesome addition to your collection. Figure comes with a display stand.

Alternators SUNSTREAKER 3 inch

There are plenty of mavericks and weirdoes in the AUTOBOT ranks, but most of them are down and dirty warriors fighting for freedom against the DECEPTICONS. SUNSTREAKER is in a totally different class, and he makes no secret of the fact that he knows it. In fact, he thinks he's the hottest thing on wheels. When it comes to a fight, winning is only the second or third thing on his list, after protecting his artillery-resistant hide from scuffs and scratches, and making sure reflected laser light glints just so off his paint job.

RID Optimus Prime 6 inch diecast

Chosen by the Matrix to lead the AUTOBOTS on their mission to Earth, OPTIMUS PRIME is the very embodiment of all that every AUTOBOT strives to be. He is the soul of honor and compassion, dedicated to the preservation of life and freedom for all creatures. His affection for those he protects is matched only by his ferocity in battle. He has faced them many times, and knows that there can be no surrender and no compromise with the treacherous PREDACONS. In addition to being an ideal leader, he is a war machine of incredible power. Nearly unbeatable in single combat, his enemies have resorted to an endless string of dirty tricks to lay him low, only to see him rebound every time, stronger than ever before. His strength and confidence, however, hide a deeply reflective spirit. During solitary moments, he has been known to doubt his skill as a leader, for his deep compassion has – at times – clouded his judgment. Thankfully, his brilliant mind and the dedication of his compatriots have always managed to snatch victory from the evil claws of the PREDACONS. Detailed die-cast metal OPTIMUS PRIME figure features hidden arm blasters and changes from combat robot to vehicle and back!

Starscream 6 inch diecast

One of the first warriors recruited to the DECEPTICON cause, STARSCREAM is a vicious warrior, and gleeful killer. Most DECEPTICONS keep score of how many AUTOBOTS they take out, but STARSCREAM carves himself little trophies out of their pelvic gimbals. As leader of the elite Seeker squadron assigned by MEGATRON to launch high-speed, surprise assaults on AUTOBOT strongholds, and one of the old guard among the DECEPTICON leadership, he enjoys more freedom of opinion than many other DECEPTICONS. MEGATRON is tolerant of his sarcasm and belligerent ambition only because STARSCREAM is simply too efficient an engine of destruction to do without. It is not only his skill as a fighter that gives his AUTOBOT victims pause. Before the war, he was an explorer and scientist, with many friends among the AUTOBOTS – JETFIRE and GRIMLOCK among them. Even then he was a bully and a manipulator, but few who knew him suspected he could be capable of the atrocities now attributed to him. Detailed die-cast metal STARSCREAM figure features changes from combat robot to vehicle and back! Figure comes with display stand.
Credit(s): DESTRO of TFW2005
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