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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004 8:51am CDT

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"Hi - Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals and a nice sale we will be running until this weekend.

"400+ ITEM SALE! - We´ve analyized our inventory levels and decided to 400+ have a sale. Prices have been reduced on hundreds of items ranging from recent transformer releases to Lord of the Rings figures from several years ago and everything in between. Be sure to check out the entire list since there is a lot of stuff including: GI Joe, Gundam, Star Wars, Transformers, Chogokin, Halo, Macross, McFarlane, DBZ, DC, Bandai & More!
"SPORTS PICKS - MLB SERIES 9 - The latest Baseball figures from McFarlane have arrived. All six of the standard figures are available for $9.99 and we also have a variety of variant figures.
"DRAGONBALL Z & GT: Series 15 Dragonball Z figures have arrived - including the very cool Cyborg Frieza and Vegeta Battle Damaged. The full set of 5 is available for $37.99. Dragonball GT Series 1 has also arrived, set of 5 is available for $37.99 and sigles of SS4 Goku and regular Goku are in stock. Overall these sets are very nice figures, Jakks is doing a good job with the line.
"NEW PALISADES PRE-ORDERS: On the Pre-Order Menu - we are now offering the Alien Queen Chestburster Statue, and 3 new items from the upcoming Alien vs. Predator Movie: Alien Statue, Predator Statue (low $84.99 price) and the Captive Alien Queen Bust. Also from Palisades is the 4" Army Builder figures from Army of Darkness, Ash and a variety of skeletons and nasty creatures are included in the set of 8 figures.
"VINTAGE ITEMS: The vintage department has listed a variety of GI Joe 3 3/4 figures and vehicles including a USS Flagg, Defiant Shuttle Complex and Terrordrome. More G1 transformers have been listed including a Fortress Maximus and variety of the larger figures and combiners. A variety of more recent starwars figurs has also been listed.
"GI JOE SNAKE EYES STATUE: The latest mini-statue from Palisades is the best one yet in the series, Snake eyes in a crouching position along with Timber the wolf. Available now for $59.99 (pre-orders ship soon) We´ve also restocked the Stormshadow bust and the Python Patrol exclusive is on sale on the clearance menu.
"ROBOTECH I-MEN: The New Generation I-Men set of 10 is in stock for $29.99 ROBOTS IN DISGUISE: Ultra sized Megatron & Galvatron are back in stock
STARCRAFT: Sets of 3 figures for $32.99 - on the ´Other´ Menu
LOTR: RotK Prologue Bilbo has arrived, MANY LotR figures on sale - $4.99
"Thanks for your interest in and please check out our sale menu and the new items.

"Joel & The BBTS Crew

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