OTFCC Exclusive "The Last Autobot" Held Back until 2005!

OTFCC Exclusive "The Last Autobot" Held Back until 2005!

Friday, April 2nd, 2004 10:21am CST

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Anyone who pre-ordered the OTFCC exclusive "The Last Autobot" is in for one heck of a wait. The figure will not be available until the 2005 convention, according to OTFCC.com.

Text from OTFCC´s Glen Hallit, originally posted on their message board:

"Disappointing news, I´m afraid.

"Due to the huge success of TRANSFORMERS ENERGON, ALTERNATORS, and UNIVERSE, we have encountered production scheduling issues and, as a result, we needed to remove "The Last Autobot" toy exclusive from this year´s offerings.

"We will, however, produce this figure for OTFCC 2005 and will display the toy at this summer´s convention. For those of you who have already sent in monies paying for these exclusives, we will be offering full refunds for those line items within 60 days.


"P.S. RiD Super OPTIMUS PRIME as HOT SPOT/DEFENSOR (with new head sculpt for DEFENSOR). I know, I know...I´m devastated too, and I´m not even going to bring up Dan Khanna, who has been lobbying for me to do this guy since he came out and personally did his new head design schematics."

Credit(s): OTFCC.com

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