OTFCC: Saturday pics featuring new Energon figures, Alpha Quintesson, Swindle and more!

OTFCC: Saturday pics featuring new Energon figures, Alpha Quintesson, Swindle and more!

Saturday, July 31st, 2004 11:28pm CDT

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Wow - what a wild day at OTFCC today. It was my first time being a dealer and let me tell you - it's a TON of work. I have a whole new respect for the dealers that you see at these conventions year after year. And let me tell you how sore my legs are after working on a cement floor after 10 hours straight of being on my feet.

I also wanted to say how nice it was getting to meet about 30 or so fellow Seibertronians today. It was an absolute pleasure and it reminded me what a great group of people we have that participate on this site, both young and old. You guys are an incredible group of people and it means so much to me that you guys have found your online home at SEIBERTRON.com.

But enough about my experience - let's get to why you guys are reading this news post ...

I was able to snag a bunch of pictures of the new upcoming Energon figures such as Alpha Quintesson (which was the big surprise for me today), the Kicker figure (using the G.I.Joe body), 2 of the Energon Gestalts (the Constructicon / Devastator (?) one and the Aerialbot / Superion one, as well as the G1 & War Within inspired Energon Grimlock with his Dinobot buddy Swoop.

In addition to these figures, Hasbro also had Swindle, Meister and the blue Tracks on display as well. Swindle looks really nice despite this prototype having Autobot symbols.

So without further ado, make sure you swing by the gallery to see some more pictures of these new figures here.

One more personal note for this rambling of mine. I was very happy and very honored when someone told me that they voted for SEIBERTRON.com as the website they visited the most (or their favorite, I can't remember what the question was and I don't have the survey that I saved in front of me - it's still in the dealer room). It was awesome seeing the five major Transformers websites listed in an official Hasbro survey. If I remember correctly, SEIBERTRON.com was listed in the survey along with tfw2005.com, bwtf.com, tformers.com, and the allspark.com. While none of us have any idea why Hasbro was asking questions about which sites the fans visit, it was quite simply an honor to be listed.

Ok, so enjoy the pictures I took from the convention today. I apologize some of the pictures didn't turn out that great ... I will do my best tomorrow to take pictures of all of the products at the dealer tables tomorrow for all of you to get a true taste of OTFCC. Enjoy!

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