OTFCC Sentinel Maximus Rumors. (Updated Again)

OTFCC Sentinel Maximus Rumors. (Updated Again)

Saturday, August 21st, 2004 11:47am CDT

Category: Rumors
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As you're all aware, OTFCC's PR Liason, Malin Huffman, was quite busy on various Transformers message boards announcing that Sentinel Maximus had arrived in their hands. OTFCC's website even offered complete photographic evidence on their website. The minute that evidence showed up on their website, I was flooded with e-mails from just about everywhere on the globe. Here's the gist of what they're saying:

Even though they have what looks like dozens of cases of Sentinel Maximus figures, we only see one individual figure poking its head of a box. Since one of them was available at the convention, this doesn't prove much.

The shipping boxes they arrived in are nearly impossible to read all the text on. This leads some people they're not Sentinel Maximus cases at all, but just some other Hasbro boxes used to make us think they're in 3H's hands. Perhaps the cases Megazarak came in, perhaps Energon cases?

Update on the package editing from OTFCC's Malin Huffman (via the allspark).

Yes, I did blur the box caption including the word 'BotCon' out of these pictures, out of respect to the holders of that name, and given that BotCon is currently known as an unofficial TF convention, it seemed appropriate to avoid confusion. This is how the boxes came labeled from the manufacturer, but I felt it was inappropriate to display this label prominently in an official OTFCC release. I hope you enjoy these pictures demonstrating the current status of Sentinel Maximus.

As for the other text on the box, speculate away! Have fun.

Best regards,

So yes, in at least one way, the image was edited. This really doesn't instill a whole lot of confidence in the reliablity of the other photos after 3H's PR guy admits that at least one of them has been doctored.

Second Update: The picture of the shipping boxes are now unblurred. They're not Megazarak cases, but rather "Botcon Vector Prime." It's true, folks, Sentinel Maximus cases do, in fact, exist.

The picture of the package artwork still says "Pending Final Licensor Approval." Does this mean that even if they do have the figures in hand, they still don't have the packaging for them?

Why are there no pictures of the plates? The plates are thirteen months late, surely some photo evidence of these would put the fans who've been waiting at ease.

Obviously this is completely unconfirmed. Given 3H's previous (and current) stack of problems, it's no wonder people have started to suspect they might try to pull a stunt like this.

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