Over 260 Images of Cybertron Soundwave and Laserbeak Now Online!

Over 260 Images of Cybertron Soundwave and Laserbeak Now Online!

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006 1:14am CDT

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He's a great homage to a classic Generation One character. He's a cool figure in his own right. And he's one of the most talked about figures in recent memory. Now he gets the full Ryan Yzquierdo treatment, with over 260 images in the Seibertron Toy Gallery. So what are you waiting for? Check out over 190 images of Cybertron Soundwave and over 65 images of his Mini-Con partner Laserbeak.

Edit by Seibertron:

The all-new Transformers Cybertron SOUNDWAVE with Laserbeak galleries are now online here at SEIBERTRON.com. These 2 classic characters finally make their way back into the Transformers mythos.

Soundwave is no longer the infamous walkman cassette player like he was in the 1980s - he's now a sleek stealth jet equipped with 2 guns and a planet key. Soundwave's partner, Laserbeak, is the 1st "animal" Mini-Con. Since his original G1 counterpart was a Decepticon, I decided to add a Decepticon sticker to the top of his head. You can keep your Laserbeak as a Mini-Con -- mine's a Decepticon!!!

Yes, I took an obsessive amount of photos of Soundwave and Laserbeak. I think they're absolutely awesome! I couldn't put my camera down!!! This is one of the best Transformers ever, in my opinion. This is a great take on classic characters.

Enjoy the newest galleries!!!

Credit(s): Seibertron

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