Palisades Laserbeak and Mini-Megatron Statue Q&A

Palisades Laserbeak and Mini-Megatron Statue Q&A

Wednesday, July 28th, 2004 12:16am CDT

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Palisades Director of Product Development stopped by their online forum to answer a few questions about the upcoming Laserbeak statue, and the possibility of a mini version of their Megatron statue:

Have you decided how Lazerbeak will attach to Soundwave yet?

Still working that out actually.

Any info on a possible repaint of Lazerbeak into Buzzsaw?

I'm more interested right now in just getting the Lazerbeak out and seeing how he does for the retailer. A Buzzsaw repaint is certainly a possibility, but we should wait and let Lazerbeak do his thing.

Can we expect a mini-Megatron? Please?

While it isn't on the schedule yet, I think that is a strong likelihood. I really want to so we can go back in and minimize what I consider to be a bit too much battle damage on the Deluxe model.

Will these statues be in scale with each other, or will they all be 6 inches tall?

They typically run about 6-inches, though some are slightly taller or slightly smaller. The scale is not true scale, but there is some scale consideration.

Would it be possible to make Lazerbeak attach to mini-Megatron if it gets made? I think it might look okay, but was more wondering if that was something that was possible.

I don't think the design of Megatron would really allow that.

Credit(s): Palisades forums

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