Possible info about the "format" of upcoming Transformers Cybertron comic "books"

Possible info about the "format" of upcoming Transformers Cybertron comic "books"

Thursday, March 10th, 2005 8:32am CST

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Here's an interesting rumor that sounds pretty damn cool to me. There's a little too much information here to make me think this is just a rumor. I'll let you decide whether you think this is fact or fiction ...

One of my dormmates was recently hired by the company that is going to be publishing the new Transformers comics. They are still deciding how to properly deal with the G1 and BW comics, so they are not yet ready to make the announcement. But they ARE planning to do both series at some point, as well as Cybertron comics.

The Cybertron comics have a rather interesting plan, that is reflective of today's comic book markets. since Armada & Energon were flops at the direct market, the Cybertron series will be focused to book stores and department stores like Wal-mart as the primary method of getting to the public. (Diamond will still be selling the comics however, so no worries there, ok.)

The format will undergo a radical change from comicdom's "norm". They are done with the 32-page monthly format. Instead we will see 64-paged oversized graphic albums every two months. (Oversized, as in European standard, like the Titan Marvel UK reprints.) There is even some talk of offering hardcover editions to a certain large retail chain. Unlike periodicals, each book will be kept in print and in circulation for the duration of the series. They will be treated as books, rather than as comics.

In fact, it was this proposal that apparently got them the license to begin with, as Hasbro was unhappy that children had to venture into comic book shops for their TF comic fix.

Each numbered album will be a complete story, retelling some bits from the Cybertron cartoon where it needs to, but mostly it will expand upon the characters and situations.

Unlike every other TF comic & cartoon, this will be a direct tie-in to the show. Same continuity, but with a focus that adds to the overall story. Each issue with a specific world, with a big epic wrap-up album at the end.

Simon Furman will write all six albums, with several of the old DW artists returning to draw them.

Credit(s): JPaulAdams

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