Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007

Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 8:56am CDT

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Dear Toy Friends, aims at diversifying our products along the years to meet with your various interests. From August 2007, we bring to you a completely new line of product - 4D puzzle! An innovative, interesting, thought-provoking product with educational function!

Don't hesitate, just take a look and you'll get yourself a new favourite toys since now!


Our branch - RED-CHANNEL.COM, an On-line Fashion & Gift Store, having numerous gorgeous products for girls which came from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Come to visit us and pick something lovely for your pretty girlfriend. She may definitely appreciate your tasteful choice!


Special News from Toy-wave:

Toyman will move to Japan today (21st Aug 07) and set up Toy-wave Japan Base in Tokyo!!
It is Toyman's Dream for the past 5 years that provides more toys and rare items to all the customers and friends on the Earth!
More informations and Toyman's Life in japan will be updated to you!!


New Arrivals Highlights:

US Target Exclusive Starscream G1 Ver (product no.: 9377)
US Target Exclusive Starscream with G1 color

US Target Exclusive Jazz G1 Ver (product no.: 9376)
Target Exclusive Jazz with G1 color.

HGUC GP03 Dendrobium (product no.: 9371)
It is a Re-Stock item!! Most big Size MS in the History!! 2007 re-release version.

Fewture Model Takayuki Takeya Predator Bust (product no.: 9370)
Sculpted by Takayuki Takeya, very detail bust!

No 100!! MG Turn A Gundam (product no.: 9369)
100th Master Grade! Must collect item!

CMs Brave Gokin - Griffon [Flight Unit Ver] (product no.: 9361)

Saint Seiya Cloth Myrh Siren Scale (product no.: 9363)

Keroro Base Clear Ver (product no.: 9368)
Clear color version.


Promotional Items:

Revoltech Evangelion set of 3 (07 Movie ver) (product no.: 9375)
Include 033 and 032 and Extra Weapin set
USD49.50 ONLY!!


Toys News:

Some news from C3 Japan

Next year upcoming Soul of Chogokin and SPEC series

From Left: Metal Jegg (2007 Ver), God Mars and Black Sarena

The launch date has not confirm but one thing for sure SOC God Mars is one of the top wanted item for SOC series

Please see the pics of it in this link:



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Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (299753)
Posted by fuzzd0rk on August 22nd, 2007 @ 9:02am CDT
A little expensive, aren't they? $40 USD for a voyager repaint and $25 USD for a deluxe repaint? And that's the price before you add on shipping costs.
Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (299870)
Posted by palatinus on August 22nd, 2007 @ 10:04am CDT
well, considering that TFs in my country (Slovakia) cost little over double of what they cost in US... if they even show up... it's not that bad at all. Movie leaders cost here 85 USD, and the 2 voyagers we got are 46 each... you know, for me it's not really that much expensive

TFs at toy-wave might be expensive, but check prices on some of the zoids!!!
Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (299881)
Posted by Gaijin on August 22nd, 2007 @ 10:09am CDT
No thanks. Pass.
Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (300007)
Posted by Crossfire on August 22nd, 2007 @ 11:24am CDT
I finaly found a g1 starscream I can order (We dont have targets here in B.C.), and its $40. No thankyou.
Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (300427)
Posted by Liege Evilmus on August 22nd, 2007 @ 4:57pm CDT
Nice line up, but to pricy for me.

However, I do have to agree with one senament...

Re: Product Update from - August 22nd, 2007 (309053)
Posted by Hairball178 on August 27th, 2007 @ 1:13pm CDT

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