Reissue Hound, Robot Masters, OTFCC Megazarak and more at BigBadToyStore!

Transformers News: Reissue Hound, Robot Masters, OTFCC Megazarak and more at BigBadToyStore!

Thursday, August 5th, 2004 1:01PM CDT

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Hi - Here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals:

#14 TAKARA RE-ISSUE HOUND: The #14 Hound figure has just arrived, another classic re-issue from Takara. This G1 hound features all the original accessories including the gas can, tire cover and all his guns and missiles. Available now for $33.99 - Pre-Orders will be processed tonight and tomorrow. Pre-Orders for #15 through #17 are available.

MASTER REPLICA: The .45 Scale Obi-Wan and Mace Windu Mini-Sabers have just arrived, very nice items about the size of a large pen - for $33.99 each. They come with a display stand and very nice glossy book style package. The Luke FX and Mace FX Sabers will be arriving to us very soon
- pre-orders are still available for $113.99 on these Sabers.

ROBOTMASTERS: We have received more Robotmasters from Japan and currently have all of the first 10 figures in stock. The #01 Optimus prime and #02 Beast Megatron are the most popular figures and we will be receiving further stock in about a week as well. The Beast Megatron is about 50% the size of the original Beast Wars megatron and the upcoming #11 Ape Convoy will also be about half the size of the original.

COMIC-CON & CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES: We've received the Street Fighter Evil Ryu vs Psycho Bison Exclusive, Silver Sandtrooper, 6" Optimus Prime Statue and 6" Ultra Magnus Statue - all are listed on the 'Other' Menu.

PALISADES STATUES: In addition to the 6" Optimus and Ultra Magnus exclusives we have also received the 12" Megatron Statue and more of the 12" Optimus Statue. Many Hard Hero statues and busts are also available on this menu.

LORD OF THE RINGS MINIMATES: The first wave of LotR Minimates has arrived and is listed on the main LotR Menu. There are 10 figures in the first wave - sets of 10 available for $39.99 each. Figures include: Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Saruman, Wormtongue, King Theoden, Frodo and more.

GUNDAM FIX FIGURES: We have restocked over a dozen of the Gundam Fix figures - highlights include the FIX 0020 Madrock and the FIX 0010 Gerbera
- which has been a long term best-seller in the FIX Line. Also back in stock is the Zeonography 3001 A&B, 3002 A&B and 3003. Be sure to check through the gundam menu for many other great figures.

OTFCC MEGAZARAK: This limited edition exclusive from the OTFCC 2004 convention has just arrived - a very nice repainted Armada Megatron/Galvatron figure that comes packaged in an attractive black Universe box. The OTFCC Sentinel Maximus exclusive will be arriving to us in about 3 weeks - we will ship out the sets once Sentinel Maximus arrives and single orders for Megazarak only will be processed soon.

FUTURAMA: More of the Toynami Futurama I-Men have arrived - a great looking miniature set of some of the best characters from the show.

VARIOUS TRANSFORMERS: The Smallest Transformers Optimus vs. Megatron set has just arrived - it comes with a large Japanese hobby magazine for $19.99 (Pre-Orders processed soon) Brawn & Windcharger and Cliffjumper & Bumblebee keychains and Japanese keychain boxes of 12 are back in stock - $11.99 per set. More BT-01 #7 and #8, BT-02, Takara 20th Primes are back in stock. The Hasbro re-issue prime and Takara New Year Primes have been restocked in small volumes


GHOSTBUSTERS: 15" Stay Puft Marshmallow man- awesome figure 'other menu' THE CROW: 18" Eric Draven with motion activated sound
SMITI: The Offspring SMITI sets - on the 'other' menu
MUPPETS: More of the Advernture Kermit - Indiana Jones Style
GODZILLA: 9" Kingidora and 6" Godzilla
MACROSS: 1/60 Armored VF-1J with the new boxy style armor
EVANGELION: GX-16 Blue Eva and more GX-23 Zanbot

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items!


Joel & The BBTS Crew
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