Robot Masters, Binaltech Dead End and more at BigBadToyStore!

Robot Masters, Binaltech Dead End and more at BigBadToyStore!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004 5:04pm CDT

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Hi - here is a quick update from about some great new arrivals!

TAKARA BT-05 - The next installment in the Binaltech lineup is the BT-05 Dead End, the first Decepticon of the series. This figure is a black Dodge Viper and has many upgraded features from the BT-02 Sideswipe - its not just another plain repaint. Upgraded featurs include: Full roof and rear glass instead of convertible top, rear spoiler, new rims, updated hood, new rear end panels, and trim along the bottom of the entire car body - Dead End definitely has an 'Evil Decepticon' look to him!

TAKARA ROBOTMASTERS - The #01 through #10 RobotMasters figures have arrived - this line is packaged in very attractive packaging and overall is very impressive. We have relatively low stock and will run out of some items soon, but are working on getting more. Highlights include the #10 G1 Convoy with DVD - this is the metallic version while the #01 prime is the regular 'anime' paint version. #11 through #14 are available for
pre-ordering now - including an awesome looking Starscream and mini Ape Prime.

MASTER REPLICA - We have received the Jango Fett LE Blaster Set and the Emperor Palpitine Cane and Clasp set. Both are very limited editions - the Jango Blaster set is available for $429.99 and the Emperor's cane is $189.99. Many other Master Replica items are available for pre-order and we'll continue to add more already released items to our selection.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE SNAKEMEN - This popular line of figures from Mattel has finally been restocked. The Snakemen set of 4 includes: Two-Bad, Skeletor, King Hssss, and Cobra Khan - available for $39.99. We also have listed the Heroes set of 6 for $54.99 - including Zodak, Mekanek and more!

JAY & SILENT BOB - The full lineup from View Askew / Graphitti Designs is now in stock. Figures include: Bluntman & Chronic, Jay & Silent Bob, Buddy Christ from Dogma, and a variety of Inaction figures from Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma - very cool figures from the classic movies.

TRANSFORMERS BACK IN STOCK: A variety of sold-out figures have been
restocked: #10 Soundwave, #09 Starscream with DVD, #08 Inferno, JBW
D-21 Sealed God Neptune!, New Year Prime, Sixshot, Ghost & Black Starscream, Tiger Sideswipe, Armada MD-02 Starscream, Prime vs Megatron mini-PVC set, Superlink SC-17 Wing Saber. Some of these items are available in very limited quantities and we'll continue to try to get more.

GOD GINRAI & SUPER PARTS SET PRE-ORDER: We've re-opened the pre-order and slashed the price to $99.99 after working out a volume discount with our supplier! Please read the 'notes' section of the pre-order for full info on this figure for some important info on the figure & parts set.


-CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK - Set of 5 figures available for $59.99 -MEGAMAN NT - 1.5" versus sets - 10 figures for $24.99 -FUTURAMA I-MEN - Set of 10 figures from the hilarious show - $29.99 -VOLTRON I-MEN - Set of 10 figures for $29.99 -INUYASHA - available now for $9.99 (The 5 above are on the 'Other Menu' and pre-orders will be processed
-AKIRA - KANEDA'S BIKE - Die cast bike with figure - $79.99 -ABARANGER - Killer Oh back in stock -SOUL OF CHOGOKIN: GX-17 and GX-18 back in stock -BLUE BOX 1/18 SCALE: The HUGE F/A 18-C Hornet Jet - over 3 feet long! -NASCAR & SHREK: Sports Picks Shrek and Donkey each boxed with driver -LORD OF THE RINGS BUSTS: Ringwraith Bust, Arwen Statue, Legolas Bust -PRIME TARGETS: Transformers Book back in stock

Marvel Legends Series 6 will be arriving around Tuesday!

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out the new items.


Joel & The BBTS Crew


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