Robotmasters Fan Version #2 Completed!

Robotmasters Fan Version #2 Completed!

Tuesday, June 13th, 2006 6:33pm CDT

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Posted by: Hotrod   Views: 22,215
New Brandon has stopped by our forums to inform us that Robotmasters Fan Version #2 has been completed! Here is what Brandon had to say:

Yes, folks, this is it. After 11 months and three days, we have finally released the sequel to the original Robotmasters short, which has been a logistical nightmare! We have titled this episode "Robotmasters FV 2." The great thing about this episode is that it bridges many of the series and OAVs we've done in the past. The plot revolves around the Scramble City project and features characters from G1, Victory, Beast Wars, Beast Wars II and even a few characters we've never seen before. There's nowhere else you're gonna see it... and see it all in cel-shaded CGI!

The episode is simple... The Decepticons have found Solitarium - the vital energy source they're looking for - somewhere in the city... which city? New York City! Have you ever seen a monkey at the top of the Empire State Building? Oh wait... But have you ever seen Optimus Primal do it? Of course, all of the characters from the original Robotmasters short are back, but there are new characters, namely Lio Convoy and Reverse Convoy... Enough good guy leaders, eh? Well, maybe the sides will be evened out a little more, if you know what I mean.

You can download it from our website,, or log on to IaconHub and search for "Robotmasters FV #2.avi." The file is approximately 19 MB zipped and is encoded in Windows Media 9. I'll (NewBrandon) try to have it shared as much as possible, and others will have it as well soon enough. Please use that as a secondary option, as I only have so much bandwidth and the website will likely give you a faster download. By the way, the original Robotmasters is still available, for those interested.

Feedback is appreciated! Just reply to this post. I'm sure the following people would love to know what you think...

Gigant Bomb ... Bjorn Rudolfsson
Lio Convoy ... Jon Bales
Megatron ... Daniel Ross
Narrator ... Benjamin Rossiter
Optimus Primal ... John Patrick
Optimus Prime ... Kenny McCoy
Rebirth Megatron ... Frank Todaro
Reverse Convoy ... Daniel Ross
Smoke Sniper ... Scott M.
Star Saber ... Brad Venable
Starscream .. Daniel Ross
Victory Leo ... Frank Todaro
Wingstun ... Curt Page

Produced by Brandon Williams and Peter Tagtstrom
Written by Brandon Williams
Sound Effects by Peter Tagtstrom
Music by Peter Tagtstrom
Encoded by Peter Tagtstrom
Directed by Brandon Williams
Translation by Yosuke Ishikawa

Credit(s): New Brandon

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