Scott McNeil joins MechaCon 3.0 guests

Scott McNeil joins MechaCon 3.0 guests

Sunday, January 21st, 2007 12:25am CST

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The 3rd Annual Anime Convention known as MechaCon 3.0, which will be held August 3-5 2007 in Lafayette, Louisiana, has reported on their news page that they have added Transformers Voice Actor Scott McNeil to their guest list.

Scott McNeil is best known in Transformers for voicing characters, including Beast Wars/Machines Dinobot, Rattrap and Silverbolt, as well as lending his voice to various characters of the newer Armada, Energon and Cybertron series.

The Following has been taken directly from the MechaCon website.

"January 20th, 2007
Scott McNeil confirmed for MechaCon 3.0!

Team MechaCon is proud to announce that Scott McNeil will be returning to Lafayette for MechaCon 3.0 this August! During his visit with us in 2006, Scott thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all the attendees who welcomed him so warmly. He loved it here so much that he couldn't wait to come back and see you all again.

Scott McNeil Scott is a fan favorite as he has provided some of the best known voices from Anime and Transformers. His voluminous credits include Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing; Koga from InuYasha; Rattrap, Silverbolt, Dinobot, Dinobot II and Waspinator from Transformers: Beast Wars; Jetfire from Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon; Snarl and Backstop in Transformers: Cybertron; and Wolverine from X-Men: Evolution.

More recently, Scott has brought to life the character of Hoenheim Elric, the father of Edward and Alphonse Elric on the hit anime Fullmetal Alchemist, currently airing on Cartoon Network.

From heroes to villians and everthing that growls or snarls in between, Scott has voiced it. You can read more about his incredible career in television and film on our Guest Page.

Join us August 3-5, 2007 at MechaCon 3.0 and welcome back Scott McNeil to Cajun Country!"


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