Screenwriters Care?

Screenwriters Care?

Monday, October 10th, 2005 3:18pm CDT

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Posted by: Raymond T.   Views: 34,237
Over at the Don Murphy Board a poster named fflashfusion has claimed to be Roberto Orci, one of the current script writers to the upcoming Transformers Live Action movie. He posted the following post;

Roberto Orci here, in probably Alex and my one and only post, to tell you that we do care what the fans think, and we have been paying attention. We appreciate all the input, and if we are lucky enough to have our script cut the mustard and get this movie made, it will have been with your help.

May all of our mojo go to whatever is best for the Transformers.

Chances are that this is another hoax, but you can never know. It wouldn't hurt to express your personal views here, as Don Murphy and his men do indeed read all the posts on the board.

Don Murphy himself has confirmed that the poster claiming to be the writers duo, was a fraud. He closed the thread and posted the following;

This poster (who somehow joined under Robert's email address) was NOT Robert.

This poster is gone and the thread locked.

Robert has been invited along with Alex to come say hi, and he just might. He still has a script to finish, but hopefully they will pop by.

In the meantime, hang tight.


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