Script Wrap: Spotlight Cyclonus

Script Wrap: Spotlight Cyclonus

Sunday, March 30th, 2008 5:21pm CDT

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Simon Furman has once again updated his blog, this time with information concerning the upcoming "Revelations" Arc to be released by IDW Publishing.

The "Revelations" Arc will be released in the form of four new Spotlight issues, with part the first focusing on IDW-verse newcomer Cyclonus.

Unlike many of Furman's "Script Wraps", this one is rather cryptic in form, and reveals few spoilers, but spoilers are still contained within, so skip the next paragraph if you wish to remain unspoiled:

This wasn’t going to be the animated movie Cyclonus. By recreating Galvatron as a new character we’d effectively recreated Cyclonus too. So who was this Cyclonus? What made him tick? What draws him, at the outset of the issue, back to the ruin of Cybertron? And then, the supporting cast: Hound’s crew (Sideswipe, Road Rocket, Skram and Warpath) and Ultra Magnus were pulled into the mix. Then, in separate but interconnected strands, Arcee, Nightbeat, Optimus Prime, Jetfire and others. All enmeshed in the same mystery but unaware (yet) of the connections, the bigger picture. Oh and there’s our first look at the full Dead Universe cast and the big (and I do mean BIG) reveal at the end of the issue.

Revelations #1 / Spotlight:Cyclonus will ship in June 2008, with Interior artwork by E.J. Su, with covers by Su and Nick Roche.

To read Simon's full blog update, please click here.

Credit(s): Simon Furman

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Re: Script Wrap: Spotlight Cyclonus (668394)
Posted by Tigertrack on March 30th, 2008 @ 6:00pm CDT
It sounds so good!!! :grin: I cannot wait until June.
Re: Script Wrap: Spotlight Cyclonus (669073)
Posted by shadowsfm on March 31st, 2008 @ 4:20pm CDT
oh this is so awesome. love the cast line-up. love the plot description. June? oh so sad.
Re: Script Wrap: Spotlight Cyclonus (669281)
Posted by steve2275 on March 31st, 2008 @ 7:46pm CDT
good times

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