Scriptwrap: Spotlight Hardhead

Scriptwrap: Spotlight Hardhead

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 6:32pm CDT

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Right off the back of a 5 page preview, Transformers Scribe Simon Furman has once again updated his blog, this time with one of his infamous Script Wraps.

In his sights this update is the upcoming IDW Publishing release Spotlight: Hardhead.
Be warned, as like most of Furman's Script Wraps there are spoilers a plenty.

Way back in Spotlight: Nightbeat, the titular Autobot investigator journeyed to a planet called Gorlam Prime, and straight into the jaws of a trap set by the denizens of the Dead Universe (Nemesis Prime et al). Nightbeat emerged with his memories wiped and a ticking time-bomb (not literally) in his head. Now, he’s back on Gorlam Prime—along with Hardhead, the Autobots’ blunt, taciturn, no-nonsense “problem-solver”—looking for answers. What they find is a vast, far reaching conspiracy, a universe-sculpting plan many meta-cycles in the making about to kick in big time, oh and Micromasters… lots of ‘em! Why’s Hardhead along for the ride? Well, let’s just say that he’s Nightbeat’s insurance policy.
To continue reading Furman's Script Wrap, with plenty more spoilers, please click here.

Art for the issue is by Nick Roche, with E.J.Su providing a cover. Spotlight: Hardhead will be in comic stores from July 16th 2008.

To discuss what you think is going on in the IDW Furmanverse, click here.

Credit(s): Simon Furman

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