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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 7:34pm CDT

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Topic Options: View Discussion · Sign in or Join to reply member waaaaghlord is organizing a group meet up at Auto Assembly 2008. If you're a member that got to do the group meetup at Botcon, then you know how much fun these can be. Here's what waaaaghlord had to say to our UK brethren:

With less than two weeks to go before the UK's Auto Assembly convention in Birmingham and many of the UK board members planning to get together at the con for a bit of a knees up I figured that it was about time to start making plans for finding each other in an event with a turnout of 400+ people. Things have mainly been bandied about in the ODB thread over in sightings, but I figured a thread in GD would get spotted by folks not in the habit of checking in there. There has been talk of making badges of our avatars, even of getting some tshirts printed up, but the best aproach is probably to keep things simple.

The doors open at 10.30, so what I would suggest is to agree a meet up point (in front of the bar makes a lot of sense to me) and a rough time to do a meet and greet (an 11.30-12.00 window should give everybody time to get in, have a look around and get oriented).

In order to help us identify one another it might be useful to post your attendee number (which is on your confirmation slip and will be on your con badge), a recent photo or physical description of yourself and what you're likely to be wearing. Also if anyone waqnts to trade mobile numbers to make finding each other easier then that might not be a bad idea, although I'd suggest we do that via PM.

This thread can also be used to talk about what we're wanting to pick up from the dealers at the con, if we can keep an eye out for each other's wants then we can help each other come away with some cool scores on the day.

To get the ball rolling I'm attendee # 143, I'll be wearing a full legth black leather coat and sporting white hair and beard. PM me for my mobile, and if anyone spots a Movie Big Daddy early in the day be sure to tip me a wink.

Are you planning to attend Auto Assembly, here's your resource point to get together with your fellow Seibertronians and let the world know WE ARE SEIBERTRON!

Credit(s): waaaaghlord

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