Simon Furman Blog Update: Transformers UK#9

Simon Furman Blog Update: Transformers UK#9

Thursday, February 28th, 2008 5:19pm CST

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Simon Furman has once again updated his blog, this time concerning Titan Uk's Transformers Magaine #9, which was released in the UK on Thursday the 28th of February 2008.

Beginning in Issue #9 is the new post Movie comic series, set in an alternative Universe where the Decepticons were victorious:
Forget happy endings, reality has splintered and a whole new world, one ruled by Megatron and the Decepticons, is the result. In Twilight’s Last Gleaming (part 1 of 5) the UK comic takes a bold new direction, forging its own distinct post movie continuity.

Things are looking bleak for planet Earth, with just handful of Autobots pitted against Megatron’s massed forces and the planet itself in a state of massive upheaval, being literally transformed by the power of the All Spark. Can the beleaguered resistance kick back? What Machiavellian machinations is Starscream hatching? Why is Mikaela Banes mankind’s last best hope (well, apart from the obvious)? And what is the fearful fate of Optimus Prime? The answers and more can found within!

The issue is written by Simon Furman, with Simon Williams on art duties. For now the Titan Uk Transformers Magazine is only available to UK residents, so you Disgruntled Brits can head out and buy it today!

To read Simon's full blog update, please click here.

Credit(s): Simon Furman

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