Some Things to Consider Before Buying MP Prime

Some Things to Consider Before Buying MP Prime

Thursday, November 6th, 2003 1:07am CST

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The release of what may be the most anticipated Transformers figure of all time is nearly upon us. Both Hasbro and Takara plan to release their figures (Hasbro´s 20 Anniversary Optimus Prime and Takara´s Masterpiece Convoy) within a few weeks of each other. Rumors have been flying about these figures since the first images were shown months ago. Before you make the decision on which version you´re going to buy, consider what we DON´T know for sure:

We DON´T know if Takara´s version will have the shortened smokestacks. The original pieces that were seen (prototypes, test shots, etc) had long stacks. However, subsequent test shots had shortened stacks. Supposedly, some leaked Takara versions also sport the so-called "castrated stacks" as well. Hasbro designer, Aaron Archer, recently said that it was Hasbro´s goal to have both company´s smokestacks appear the same. It´s possible that Hasbro may have requested Takara emasculate their stacks as well.

We DON´T know if the Takara version will have the "battle damage" paint applications. We KNOW Hasbro´s will, but recent leaked test shots (supposedly of Takara´s MP Convoy) also sport battle damage.

We DON´T know either company´s plans for the package design. We know that Hasbro plans to package the figure in a window box in robot mode, but beyond that, it´s remained a mystery.

The bottom line is, despite the efforts of many of us online, there´s surprisingly few hard facts on this figure (even though it´s release is scheduled for next month). None of the rumors surrounding it have been solidly confirmed or denied.

If you´re a fan of Takara´s reissues, your choice has been made easier by the generous offer from Under their deal, both Hasbro´s and Takara´s versions of the figure are within a few dollars of each other. Check out the main page of for more details on this offer.

Credit(s): Collected over the last several months throughout the internet.

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