Statement from 3H Productions Regarding the OTFCC Situation

Statement from 3H Productions Regarding the OTFCC Situation

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 1:04pm CDT

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The following statement has just been released by 3H Productions:

Fellow Transfans,

It is with heavy heart that I write to you this first day of September. A wash of emotions are overshadowing the near and far future for us personally and moving forward as a company. Due to constant delays on our part concerning the Collector Plates, Skywarp action figure, and delays in shipping Sentinel Maximus and the Club Magazine, Hasbro has decided it was in their best interest and in their right to pull both licenses from 3H Productions, as it violated the contracts we had with them. As of this day forward, we are no longer a licensee of Hasbro, Inc. What this means is they (Hasbro), essentially, will be taking care of the loose ends concerning the above items in some way. We are no longer allowed to advertise, promote, or sell anything further from this past year, or previous years’, conventions.

What the future holds for 3H Productions is anyone’s guess. I have many a meeting with my lawyers concerning what the best move forward would be for me to make, personally and business-wise, in light of all this transpiring. Bankruptcy? Maybe–it might be a smart move. Other convention options? Probably not–I have finally been beaten. It is quite odd to be sitting here typing these words, as I’ve personally lost more than my fair share of monies since 1997 (in excess of $150,000 to make it known to people who claim I’m doing this for money) to make the convention the best possible event it could be. I was never in it for the money, and that was my ultimate undoing. The business model I have used since 1997 could not work within the constraints due to the “official” status. In some respects, Raksha and the like were right– becoming “official” wasn’t a blessing at all.

I sit here looking at refund lists, Club Magazine issue 2’s pages, the TRANSFAN event calendar and the publishing schedule for TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE and WRECKERS. All now unofficial and worthless. A killer proposal was sent in months ago for next year, but deep down we knew there wasn’t a chance to get renewed. They want more money and a better, tighter running of the show and club. Sad to say, but we could no longer continue operating that way and finally, the ball has dropped.

In the upcoming weeks, once we can settle this mess, maybe we’ll provide an unofficial look at the remaining WRECKERS issues and pictures of the exclusive proposals–Slugslinger as Devcon, Strongarm as Brawn, Strongarm as Roadbuster, RiD Megatron as Beast Wars Megatron, and pictures of the Last Autobot, Defensor. To top it off, a fan poll was designed so the community could pick the final exclusive mold choice for next year–Energon Arcee, BW II Thrustol, and 6 others were on there. That was proposed during the Licensing show in NYC months before the renewal proposal went in.

I cannot begin to apologize to each and every one of you. I feel I have let you all down, something which I hate to do to anyone. I was in it for the long haul, to make sure all obligations were met, and to be able to move forward, no matter the obstacles and difficulties. Unfortunately, that decision is no longer mine to make. I’ll miss you all, especially the crazy crew of helpers we had at this past convention. For all those that supported what we did since 1997, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. For those critics, I’m hoping your words came from a good place in your hearts that made you speak out so against the operation of 3H. If not, well… now you can attack someone else online ;-)

I am a fan once again. And it feels very liberating. I get to join in discussions, buy toys that excite me, watch the show from an uninformed point of view–something I’ve been sadly missing for years now. I wish whomever runs the convention and club the best of luck in the future and I sincerely hope this fan community does not get taken advantage of monetarily, resource-wise, or any other way. You are all too good of people to let that happen. Continue to express your opinions and feelings to Hasbro. They NEED to hear you, regardless of good or bad tidings.

The last 8 years have been great. It has been a long run, longer than I thought I would last. I’ve met a great number of people, some of whom I’m proud to call my friends and I hope to see you all at the next convention and chit chat, from a fan, as a fan. Who knows? Maybe I’ll write a memoir about the convention years and give an insider’s look behind the scenes. So many stories, so many pictures, so many miles of history and voyage. I’ll keep up with you folks periodically, as I work through the mess that is before me. The website is redirecting everyone to the Official Hasbro Transformers website for now. Eventually, it may just go away, as I am doing for now temporarily.

Take care all of you. Relief for me as been granted in some strange way. My concerns need to focus on family and friends. This experience has at least granted me that–perspective on what is truly important in life. Remember folks–they are just toys. Relationships, positive relationships, are what drive the world and people in community. Especially this one.

Talk to you soon, maybe? Next year at the Official Hasbro Toy Convention or whatever it is called next?

I’m done and out.

Warmest regards,

Glen, Amy, Dan, Malin, Scott, Glenn, Rob and anyone else at 3H Productions.

Credit(s): 3H Productions, Super Megatron

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