TFSource will be selling Dairycon "TestShot"

TFSource will be selling Dairycon "TestShot"

Thursday, July 15th, 2010 1:01pm CDT

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Site sponsor TFSource will be carrying the DairyCon-exclusive TestShot, similar to their earlier distribution of Maniacal Maroon ASS-09. Read more below:

Methusalen wrote:It's my pleasure to inform you that the shadowy organization behind Dairycon has made arrangements with Curt at to sell a limited supply of the 2010 Dairycon exclusive figure "TestShot"! While I am unaware of the finer points of the sale, it is known that Curt should be making TestShot available soon, so keep an eye out for the 7-19 SourceNews for the announcement!

More on TestShot:
Images: ... T_MODE.jpg ... T_MODE.jpg

TestShot comes MISB, with his signature "Prototype Gun"(capable of 'devolving' its intended target back to their original state and mode-locking them into it).

"It is said that TestShot will reveal himself only when his total victory is assured. The fact that we see him now can mean only the worst! TestShot intends to return the Convention to a fan-friendly gathering, without all the bloated 'glitz and glamour' it has accumulated over the years. With the heart and love of the franchise as his motivation, TestShot rejects the commercialization of Dairycon and all other Conventions. He longs for the day that the Fandom would return to its humble roots, or 'Golden Age'. If he has to destroy the entire Universe to accomplish this, so be it...."
The only thing that could possibly stop TestShot is a source of Light and Wisdom that transcends all good, all evil. If such a thing only existed. Until that day... until all are one...

Though the 2010 Dairycon Convention is over, you can still grab onto a piece of history!

More on Dairycon can be found here:
And specifically about TestShot here: 'round-the-clock news coverage of the Transformers Universe!

Credit(s): Methusalen

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Re: TFSource will be selling Dairycon "TestShot" (1098490)
Posted by Daddycon on July 15th, 2010 @ 2:04pm CDT
Cool. Nice to get a chance at owning something as rare and unique as this. Wonder how expensive it will be. I'd really love the Huffer recolor as Prime of course.
Re: TFSource will be selling Dairycon "TestShot" (1098512)
Posted by Methusalen on July 15th, 2010 @ 2:42pm CDT
Daddycon wrote:I'd really love the Huffer recolor as Prime of course.

So would I... while the Pretender shell is neat and all, it's that little amalgam of Huffer/Pipes minibot mold that really makes it!
The thing I love about the TFSource listing is that it's Testshot, who's marked "Not For Sale" who's for sale! :lol:

A little bit of dialogue from the Dairycon Fanfic featuring TestShot:
Optimus Prime: "You shall not have another life this day. I will not allow it."
TestShot: "Who are you to speak to me this way?"
Optimus: "You know my name. You dare not speak it, for you are afraid. I am a child of Primus, the God of Light, and a Guardian of the essence of your sworn enemy. Though you try to hide in this shell before us, we know you as the Dark Lord of Chaos. You are..."
TestShot: "A name that I have been assigned in other times, other dimensions, is meaningless here. You hold no power over me. Your end is nigh. For I have come to purify this universe of its accursed life; it is my destiny. You cannot stop... my destiny!"

Waving his hand, the Dark Lord commanded his Donkeys of the Apocalypse to surge forth, to trample these flyspecks of a nuisance... to spread his dark essence over these small beings, over this entire planet. Over this entire Universe.
The End was near.

That actually makes him the SECOND Dairycon figure to be sold, the first being the TFSource-exclusive ASS-09 last year...

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