The Proposed Next Transformers Toy Line is.....

The Proposed Next Transformers Toy Line is.....

Sunday, September 25th, 2005 5:17pm CDT

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Generation 1! KidDynamite of reports the proposed gap line between Transformers Cybertron and the toy line to accompany the 2007 Live Action Movie is an updated G1!
He reports BOTCON attendees were shown:

Starscream in robot and jet mode (F15); tons of detail and articulation.

Also shown was.............

A gun Megatron. I swear we´re not making this up. He was a pistol looking gun with a Scope. Again lots of detail, no robot mode shown though.

We were told that the line would be comprised of Deluxes and Megas (Starscream was a deluxe), and that the idea was to go for a cross between Alternators detail and Cybertron play patterns.

Addition infomation about this line has bee supplied by

Proposal for After Cybertron
Alternator’s Realism/Cybertron Playability. Example figures shown:

o G1, modern take on Starscream - F15, highly detailed.
PICS (Bot & Vehicle): Starscream is kind of like a cross between a modern Macross figure, and a larger Robot Masters Starscream in vehicle mode. It looks almost exactly like a F-15 display model. In bot mode it's pretty menacing with some HUGE guns on his arms.

o Megatron as a gun. Huge - revolver-like, but obviously fake.
PIC (Bot): For a comparison of what the gun looks like. It kind of looks like the gun from 'Judge Dredd', but with a fat scope on the top of it.

It is important to note this series is NOT set in stone, this is just a proposal for a filler series that might never happen.

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Credit(s): TFW2005, TFormers, GetterDragun

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