The Transformers Convention License Has Been Decided!

The Transformers Convention License Has Been Decided!

Monday, October 18th, 2004 12:06pm CDT

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Posted by: Professor Smooth   Views: 20,198
For my grand finale...

I've gotten wind from several of my more reliable sources (by "reliable" I mean "people who DIDN'T inform me that Jetfire was being reissued or that Armada was being cancelled) have informed me that the Transformers convention license has been given to a new company. While I can't say who it is (because, quite honestly, I don't know) I can tell you who it ISN'T. 3H. Just in case a few of you hadn't heard, not only was 3H stripped of the license in September, but Hasbro is taking legal action against Glen Hallit's (president of 3H) company to clean up the absolute mess he made of it. Weather it turns out to be Master Collector or The Hartmans and Pete Sinclair, they have their work cut out for them restoring fan's faith in a convention that has been run screaming into the ground by earth-shatteringly inept and business illiterate that is Glen Hallit. Best of luck to whoever has the license.

Look forward to 2005 everybody,
-Professor Smooth

Credit(s): DMB

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