THS-02 G1 Convoy Review with Images and Size Comparisons

THS-02 G1 Convoy Review with Images and Size Comparisons

Friday, April 7th, 2006 10:25am CDT

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Seibertronian Air Commander Starscream has posted the following review of the much anticipated THS-02 G1 Convoy on our Toys Forum.

Not only does it go into great detail about the toy but it also contains many great photos of the toy ands size comparisons. Take a look at the review below:

So some of you have been seeing the pictures posted about THS-02, but have not decided if they should get one or not. I went ahead and wrote a review up. Hopefulyl this will be able to help you guys in your decision.

THS-02 “Command” Convoy

When I first saw this figure months ago I knew that I wanted it badly. I knew it’d be small, and it would come with a hefty price tag. I also have THS-01 Galaxy Convoy and am well aware of the problems that it had as a figure; loose joints, things not locking into place, and the Alt mode having problems with the rear wheels sitting flush to the body.

The box is pleasantly pleasing with the collage of different views of Convoy on the box cover and back, show casing the cool things of him, much like THS-01 had on his box. It had a flap that you left up and you can see his Trailer, Convoy, and his weapons. It is displayed very nicely, and if It didn’t cost so much and you could afford too. It’d look great as a show case MISB. But like I said for $50 bucks he defiantly came out of the box. When I first pulled him out I have to admit he was smaller then I expected. I had the same feeling with THS-01 Galaxy Convoy. The reason why I thought he’d be bigger is he is about an inch shorter then THS-01 Galaxy Convoy.

Exactly how tall is he? He is the exact height of C Scrapmetal (minus the shoulder cannon). Or you could say he is exactly 4 inches tall. His head is about an quarter of an inch. But just because he’s small doesn’t mean that he isn’t detailed. His paint applications are very nice, from his eyes, to the lights on his feet. Even his miniature Matrix is pretty detailed. And if your wondering about his Matrix its made form metal and it is about half an inch long and an quarter of an inch tall. It is removable, but does not open in any fashion.

What I love about THS-02 Convoy is that he comes with so much GREAT stuff! One of the coolest things is his Backpack. The thing is easily slipped onto him and actually stays and locks into place, unlike THS-01 Galaxy Convoy. The nozzles on the backpack can be moved and is detailed. One of the best things that THS-02 comes with is his Autobot stand. It attaches under his crotch and is able to hold him up easily and is not flimsy, he can be posed in any direction or pose and will still remain stable. If you attach him to the stand in a standing position he is now 5.5 inches tall. But I put him in the famous movie pose of him leaping above the battle field and shooting down at the Deceptions. Takara really did make a cool feature out of this.

The weapons he comes with is his generic Rifle that does has a moveable secondary handle so he can hold it with both hands. He also comes with his signature Energon Axe. Personally I keep all of my primes with their Axe on, it just looks so cool. His shoulder exhaust pipes can also be rotated to be horizontal like they can act as least that’s what one of the pictures shows (I can’t read Japanese…I can only assume). Also the gas tanks on his legs can be flipped horizontal to reveal gattling guns.

The trailer is an exact sized down replica of a G1 trailer. It comes with the lil roller guy and the repair module thing that folds down inside (you’ll have to excuse me, I’m not a huge Prime fan so I don’t remember the names of these things.). The roller guy has wheels that can turn...the front and back wheels turn. Primes Rifle can also be attached on top of the Roller guy and he can carry it into battle or use it himself. Also the repair “welder” also snaps on top of him and he can carry that too. He also fits snugly into the trailer, but can’t be “shot” out like the G1 trailer did. He is about almost 2 inches long by lil over an inch wide.

The module that is attached to the inside of the Trailer can do everything his G1 counterpart can do including sitting on top (outside) of the trailer. He can rotate 360* and use his radar dish and lil control arm as well. He is about an inch and a quarter by an inch and a quarter. His canopy can be open as well. He can also be used as a turret, Convoy stands behind it and can grab onto handles and aim him.

His trailer has 2 opening door at the back just like a life size trailer, and the ramp slides out from underneath. It also has the 2 side supports so it can stand in trailer mode without falling forward. The trailer splits in half and can stand on its back and acts as the repair bay just like the G1 trailer. However there are a few new added features! One thing that really made me made with THS-01 is that he comes with 8 hands, well you have to put them in a spot safe so they won’t get lost. THS-02 Trailer has 2 boxes that fold out, in there you can set 3 left hands and 3 right hands and they won’t get lost! Then they fold up and are out of sight. Also the inside of the trailer can hold the Rifle and Energon Axe. There are also 2 prongs that insert into Convoy’s back so he can stand up in the repair bay and not fall down. A nice lil thing too is that the Jet pack can attach to the front of the Trailer. The trailer measures about 5 inches long by 1.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.

For people who are worried about him being to small and fragile, he’s not really fragile at all. He’s actually quite sturdy! He had none of the problems that THS-01 had at all.

The transformation of Convoy is actually quite complicated for a 4 inch tall figure. You will definitely need the instructions. When Convoy is in his truck form he is 4 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1.5 inch tall. When connected to the trailer he is 7 inches long. The truck can not pivot or “steer” with the trailer on, it can only pivot to a slight degree, very margineable.. They should have added a joint instead of the trailer clipping to the body.

His alternate mode is not the most impressive thing out there, but it also isn’t the ugliest thing. Sure he is small but I might keep him in this form some of the time for fun...but really he needs to stay in robot form because it is just so impressive. And he’s not that “fat” looking; he actually looks pretty proportionate to me.

Is he worth the $50? I think so, defiantly more then THS-01 Galaxy Convoy was. Is he a mini Masterpiece? Once again I think he is. Is he for everybody? Probably not, but if you love Optimus Prime, or enjoy small detailed Transformers then he is a must have. I do not regret this purchase what so ever and my pre excitement/anticipation for him was defiantly well founded. I am going to keep him with my other Prime/Convoys and he’s going to look great! Buy him if you can, you wont regret it, I promise. He has gotten a bad wrap because of THS-01, but Takara fixed the problems.

Now for some more pictures of him mainly in Alternate mode. And a few size comparisons with other Primes. I know my Cameriea isn't as good as Seibertron's or Coolyo But you will all manage. :lol:

Here he has the jet pack strapped to the front.

Credit(s): Air Commander Starscream

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