Tons of Updates from Hyper Hobby, TVMagazine, and TVBoy

Tons of Updates from Hyper Hobby, TVMagazine, and TVBoy

Friday, October 1st, 2004 9:50am CDT

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From Fan To Fan:

New magazines (Hyper Hobby, TV-Magazine and TV-Boy) releases today, you can order any of them here. Some new updates are featured as follows,

Hyper Hobby:

1. Detail report on the recently released SC-26 Superion and the upcoming release SD-21 Bruticus. Taking orders for SC-26 Superion (US$52) and SD-21 Bruticus (US$50).

2. Some new background story behind the upcoming release Robotmaster RM-15 Star Saber and RM-16 Victory Leo.

"Detecting the shockwave caused by Gigant Bomb using Solutrium, Star Saber and Victory Leo gave chased and arrived in RM era using "Blasty-Zone".Further explanation were provided regarding "Blasty-Zone", the concept is similar to space bridge or wormhole, one can create a blasty zone, but keeping it open permanently is impossible, in some cases the zone can collasped suddenly without warning. Although extreme heavy gravitational force are detected around the zone, it does not suck in all matter and light like a black hole would.

3. Superlink DVD vol. 6 will be release on 20 Oct.

4. Beast Machines (or Beast Wars Return in Japan) will be releasing on DVD from 25 Nov.!! Toyline will also be releasing in Japan too!! Takara is currently planning the schedule on dates of releases, prices and distribution at this time.

5. Other reports include December planned reissue, Predaking, Store luck draw Gold Chrome Rodimus Convoy and comparison shots of BT-08 Meister and BT-07 Smokescreen GT since they shared the similar transformation concept.

TV Magazine:

1. First "anime" pictures of the combiners, Superion, Bruticus and
Buildtron (Decepticon)!! Said to be ancient warriors who have been lying dormant in the deep underground temple on Cybertron. Their reactivation was caused by Galvatron but details were not provided. Check out pictures as follows, 1, 2.

2. Other features on Transformers include vol.2 of Robomasters diorama manga.

TV Boy:

1. No new info but did report that a special TV program on Transformers is scheduled to air on 3 Nov. At this time there are no further info on this yet.

A new ad. featured on TV-Boy and TV-Magazine has been added to Superlink Collection page.

Credit(s): FanToFan

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