Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09

Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09

Monday, June 8th, 2009 10:13pm CDT

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allspark- Michael Bell, the voice actor for the Generation One cartoon's Prowl and Swoop is requesting the help of the fans.

"To all my Transformer buds,

I recently directed a demo for a series of motion graphic "Transformers" comics which could be downloaded via iPhone, iTouch, and other outlets. Many talented professional actors provided the voices for the characters in the demo including myself. The plan was to present it to IDW Comics who had shown more then a passing interest in this budding new concept. With a go ahead on producing the series, I would be employing the talents of as many of the original voices from the early series as possible. I had already cleared this with my fellow "Transformers" actors, and everyone was waiting in the wings for the response from the powers at IDW comics.

After months of mulling over it, they ultimately passed on the idea, and surprise surprise, decided to produce their own graphic motion novel without the voices or even the superbly heightened animation. So, essentially what you now have the ability to download is a plain old comic book.

Nothing new there.

SOooooo, I am taking my request to the troops. To all the die hard fans who I have met over the years at Botcon conventions, or who have written to me asking about my experiences working on one of the most inventive animated series in TV history- I need your help! I am requesting that you do something for me and my fellow actors, so we can in-turn do something really cool for you.

Please contact IDW and let them know that their concept of a series of comic books based on "Transformers" WITHOUT the talents of voice actors, especially many of the original voices, just doesn't cut it.

Please ask them to contract Creative Producers Chris Folino and William Katt, and make a deal for them to produce their concept of a downloadable graphic motion comic series of "Transformers" with - Hide quoted text - professional actors, progressive animation, and lotsa sound effects.

On behalf of all those actors, animators, and studio techs that will get an opportunity to carry on a great tradition,

I thank you,
Michael "Prowl/Swoop" Bell"

You can see the original request here, and check out the sample of the IDW motion graphic novel below.

UPDATE 6/8/09!

Michael Bell replies back to critics, and supporters at the Allspark.

"Hey T purists,
Thanks for all the responses to the demo. To those of you that liked, loved, and used it for personal gratification, cool beans!
Those of you that thought it was limited in content or approach, remember, it was a demo..designed to show the possibilities and not for public consumption. Time constraints demanded an immediate presentable product. No time to start sifting through the best stories etc.
If IDW recants and gives us a go ahead with some scratch to do a good job, I assure you, you will be blown awayby the end result.
In expensive but classy thrills for a .99 cent download. Much MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE!
Again, thanks for the attention and cogent responses.
For those of you who took the time to write IDW, you are da bomb.

Mr. Bell, we invite you to come to our forums and discuss this project with our community as well! There are a lot of your fans here, and there seems to be a lot of support for your project here too!--

Be sure to check out Michael Bell's characters in the Vector Sigma Database (G1 Prowl, and Swoop) too!

Credit(s): Michael Bell @ the Allspark

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Re: Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09 (934047)
Posted by Primus1101 on June 9th, 2009 @ 1:39am CDT
i liked the look and i think this would be BETTER tha normal comics. but i don't know what the hell your supposed say to idw "dear idw, make this NOW!"?
Re: Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09 (934088)
Posted by vectorA3 on June 9th, 2009 @ 4:30am CDT
Prime Evil wrote:
vectorA3 wrote:loved the preview vid of course. If he makes an online petition/form, I'll sign it. That'd make it a lil easier

Agreed. I would have thought that there would be a link somewhere to an online petitions, but they say those never work. Meh. I do like what I've seen so far and will send my piddly lil message to IDW for what it's worth.

the petitions do work - when the last Fiona Apple album was being withheld by the record label, a ton of people signed the petition & let their voices be heard and then shortly thereafter it was released. If this guy wants us to buy his comic & stuff, then this is the least he can do. No disrespect. I'm sure he'll get faster & more results.

where's your avie Prime Evil?? Put it up there yo!!!!
Re: Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09 (934363)
Posted by chuckdawg1999 on June 9th, 2009 @ 3:56pm CDT
I hate to ask but has IDW released a statement regarding their side of things? I'd hate for the comuntity to get all worked up only to find out that we might not have been given all of the story leading to the end of a very friendly and open relationship between IDW and the fans.
Re: Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09 (934369)
Posted by justynnbailey on June 9th, 2009 @ 4:05pm CDT
Theres an article on this site interview with IDW's TF Editor and he pretty much sayd "No way, too expensive."

Though things can always change...
Re: Tranformers G1 Voice Actor Asking For YOUR Help-- Updated 6 / 8 / 09 (1172660)
Posted by glennbeaumont on January 22nd, 2011 @ 7:46pm CST
Seriously dude. They said no. It's their work and copyright and they have the right to say yes or no. You should respect their decision and try and find yourself a new project to make YOU money. As much as I would love to see more of what you have done (it's good :APPLAUSE: ) your clearly only thinking of yourself. Trying to get a whole bunch of people to support you and overturn their decision shows that you are not a very respectful nor professional person to do business with and quite clearly will not submit to others creative control. Who would want to hire that? A little boy who didn't get his own way :cry: , so he tries peer pressure? I personally would never hire you based purely on your response to their no.

I hope a transformers motion comic gets made. By someone other than you.

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