Transfomers Robot Masters Reverse Convoy Translated Tech Specs

Transfomers Robot Masters Reverse Convoy Translated Tech Specs

Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 10:53pm CDT

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Hydra Custom of Allspark has posted a translation of the Tech Specs included with the recently released Robot Masters Reverse Convoy. The bio reveals Reverse convoy to be none other than the original Destron Emperor of Destruction, G1 Megatron in disguise!
Read the whole Tech specs here at or for those who cant get onto scroll down:

RM-24: Reverse Convoy/Rebirth Megatron

Package story: A new warrior named Reverse Convoy arrives from Planet Vehicon. As both Cybertron and Destron forces face off against each other, Reverse Convoy finally reveals his true form. “Mwahahaha, it would have been entertaining to keep that form for just a little longer. Destron brethren, and you loathsome Cybertrons as well, heed my words! I am Megatron—or rather, his reincarnate, Rebirth Megatron!” Facing this unexpected turn of events, both sides reel in shock. G1 Convoy’s greatest rival, who held the entire galaxy in a state of chaos, has returned as Rebirth Megatron!

With this ultimate foe, the Robot Masters battles become fiercer than ever…

Function: Secret Commander/ Dark Emperor of Destruction

A warrior born on Planet Vehicon. Also an authority on energy production. In actuality, use of the black hole link system Reverse Convoy possesses caused him to become the rebirth of original Destron Emperor of Destruction, G1 Megatron.

Weapons: Reverse Blaster, Megablaster

Credit(s): Shrapnel Hates You

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